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A Customized Release Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Ordered By India Giant Company

Time :2021-06-16 Hits : 148

One of India's largest double-sided silicone oil paper and release paper manufacturers has ordered our SLA series slitting rewinder. Before cooperating with us, they have purchased several slitter rewinders. But those machines have never been able to perfectly meet their requirements. Some edges are not cut neatly, and some rewinded paper rolls are very loose. Since the double-sided silicone oil release paper is very smooth, it is very difficult to produce such a machine.
This customer found our company video on YouTube and got in touch with us. Through detailed communication, our professional technical team gave the final solution. We helped customers purchase a roll of double-sided silicone oil release paper in China and fully tested this equipment. The test results were perfect and were highly appreciated by customers.

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