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Another CE-compliant paper roll slitting machine was successfully installed and operated in Spain

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Our company has more than ten years of experience in the production and development of paper roll slitting machines. Our slitting machine covers almost all paper roll processing needs. Our machines are trusted by customers all over the world especially in the fields of food packaging paper, paper cups, paper bags and other packaging and printing products.
After our technical team has continued to develop and upgrade our machines, our company's slitting machines have gradually entered the European market. Passing CE certification is the only way for us to enter the European market.
Our machines are designed in strict accordance with the European CE standards for mechanical structure, comply with European requirements for electrical components, and meet EU requirements for safety.
The BDFQ-1100D slitting machine was successfully installed and operated in Barcelona, Spain. This machine has obtained the CE certificate issued by BV. This customer is a cigarette paper mill, and they have a broad customer base in Europe and North Africa. Therefore, in the early days when they established contact with us, they repeatedly emphasized the cutting precision and other quality requirements.
So far, our slitting machine has been sold to many middle developed countries in Europe, such as Britain, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Spain and so on. Our company has always taken high-quality and conscientious after-sales service as the core of its development. In the future, we will continue to improve the performance of the slitting machine to serve more customers in the paper packaging and printing industry.

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