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Application of slitting and rewinding machine in valve bag production

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In our lives, many products are in powder form. For example, cement and putty powder for decoration, wheat flour, powdered sugar for food, and various other industrial chemical powders. To package these powders, a bag with a special structure is needed, which we call a valve bag.

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The raw materials of the valve bag are usually plastic, paper, paper-plastic composite. In order to get a better printing effect and waterproof effect, the valve pocket of paper-plastic composite material has become more popular. The production process of valve bag is mainly divided into raw material processing, raw material printing, raw material slitting and rewinding and bag making. Whether it is before or after printing, paper and plastic film must use slitter rewinders machine.

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The printed roll material needs to be cut into rolls of different widths by a slitting machine.WZFQ-A series slitting machine is an ideal model for the valve bag making products lines. The model machine can slit jumbo roll into various width rolls(minimum width 30mm). Germany brand PLC and three sets servo motors drive the machine with a high speed and cutting precision. The rewinder diameter can be 1000mm.

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