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Binbao Machinery SCA4 Automatic A4 Copy Paper Production Line Reported By Russian Central Television

Time :2022-04-12 Hits : 26

The SCA4-4 automatic A4 copy paper production line produced by Binbao Machinery was interviewed and reported by Russian CCTV. This paper and paper products company purchased our fully automatic A4 copy paper production line in 2021. It has been working steadily for this client for nearly a year.The excellent performance of Binbao Machinery's machines not only brings stable production capacity and economic value to the client, but also attracts media attention.SCA4-4 has a very high level of automation. It greatly reduces labor costs. Only 2-3 operators are required for the entire production line. The operator only needs to set the parameters and observe the performance of the machine.
As a resource-based country, Russia has developed heavy industry, while light industrial products have long relied on imports. Therefore, the Russian government continues to encourage the development of light industry, especially the localized production of paper products. It is against this background that Binbao Machinery has exported more than 100 paper products processing equipment to Russia in the past ten years, including A4 automatic production lines, paper cup bottom rolls slitting and rewinding machines, and paper bag paper rolls slitting and rewinding machines. , paper roll to sheets cutting machines ,sheeter machine and so on equipment.
It is our honor that our equipment can be followed and reported by Russian Central Television.Binbao Machinery has a professional design team and after-sales service team. We will continue to improve the automation level of the machine, and develop more stable and efficient paper jumbo roll slitting rewinding machines and paper roll cross-cutting machines for enterprises in the packaging and printing industry and paper processing industry.

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