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Double Side Silicon Coated Paper Roll Slitter Machine In India

Time :2022-11-25 Hits : 96

Together We Can. This slogan is exciting.
These pictures were taken at our Indian customer's factory. They are a well-known manufacturer of double-sided release paper. This paper product material is widely used in packaging and printing products. This paper has low density, poor stiffness, double-sided silicone oil, and is very easy to slip. Therefore, the difficulty of slitting this paper roll is very high.


At the end of 2020, they plan to purchase machinery for the new production line. Binbao Machinery is the only Chinese supplier in their target supplier list. After more than a month of communication, we finally determined all the needs of our customers. We have 15 years of experience in the production of paper roll slitting machines. We are very familiar with the properties of various paper materials.

Before the machine was shipped, we tested the machine many times with the materials provided by the customer. We encountered more difficulties than we expected. After many times of improving the machine system parameters and mechanical structure, our engineers perfectly cut out all the paper roll specifications that customers need.




Due to the new coronavirus, China has closed its borders. We cannot send engineers to India to provide on-site services. Therefore, we have to provide customers with online installation, training and other services through voice, video, text chat and other methods. Although it takes a lot of time, our engineers still patiently explain every question to the customer. The installation of the machine, the debugging of the machine, and the operation of the machine are all completed by the customer under our guidance.
Therefore, the customer also posted a slogan "Together We Can" on the machine to express gratitude for our service.
This is a perfect cooperation. Not only did the customer find the perfect machine, but we also got a technological improvement in the field of double-sided release paper slitting machine.

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