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High Speed center surface slitter rewinder machine for paper straw process

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As more and more countries begin to ban plastic products, the plastic straws commonly used in our lives will also become history. Paper straws replaced plastic straws. In the past three years, many plastic packaging companies have begun to transform to produce paper-based packaging products, such as paper cups, paper bowls, cartons, and the paper straws we are discussing today.

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The production of paper straws is similar to the traditional paper tube production process. But the inner diameter of the paper straw is very small, so the paper straw factory must have a slitting machine capable of slitting less than 20mm in width.
In order to get so small width paper rolls,you should choose a center surface type slitter rewinder machine. Our BDFQ-D series is an ideal equipment for the paper straw process. It can slit paper jumbo roll into less 20mm width small rolls.

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Not only feeding roll width is small,the paper straws factory need manufacture too much size straws.When you change size,you should use too much time to adjust and change slitting knife of various size. That is an important issue which reduce the producing capacity. We design the slitting knife shaft which can take out of machine to adjust knives.

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