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How do you cut paper roll to sheets for your products processing?

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In the packaging industry,it is common processing that cutting paper roll to sheets. As a paper products manufacturer,you must cut paper stock roll to sheets before feeding them into products forming machine or die cutting machine. We have two type paper roll to sheets cutting machine available in the market,but But we all call them paper rolls cutting machines,sheeter machine,cutter machine or cross cutting machines. They are large different of the cutting knives. Which one you should use for your processing. Let us introduce their strengths and weaknesses.
The sheeter machine with guillotine knife
This type paper roll to sheets cutting machine adopt the guillotine knife. This knife consists of two parts, the upper knife and the lower knife. Both of them have blade. The bottom knife is fixed at the knife holder. The servo motor drives the upper knife to move up and down to cut the paper roll to sheets. Our SCN series sheets cutting machines adopt this type guillotine knife. Its cutting precision can be ±0.2mm. After the machine cutting,you can directly feed these paper sheets into offset printing machines. Due to the high cutting precision, there is no paper burrs and dust on the edge of the paper. Food packaging usually has high requirements for hygienic environment, so our machine is very advantageous. For food packaging manufacturers, keeping the workshop clean and tidy is very important.In addition, our machine can cut multiple sheets at the same time. Because we add slitting knives unit before horizontal cutting.This greatly improves production efficiency for manufacturers who cut small-size paper.
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The sheeter machine with rotary knife
This type sheeter machien have two types,single rotary knife and double rotary knife. In addition to being noisy, this machine is almost perfect to cut paper roll material into sheets. But it is too expensive for most manufacturers. The single rotary knife sheeter machine widely used in the printing and packaging products industry. Its cutting precision is not very high,but its stable running speed can be 300 cuts per minute. However, the paper cut by this machine has a lot of burrs(especially when cutting thick paper).
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If your paper thickness is less than 50 grams,you only can choose guillotine knife type paper sheeter machine. Such as coated silicon paper sheets,wax paper sheets,self adhesive paper sheets,hamburger paper sheets cutting,food wrapping paper sheets cutting,the guillotine type sheets cutting machine is best choice for your processing.

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