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How to choose a stable slitting rewinding machine for the paper straw manufacturing.

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The global ban on plastics is the general trend, and more and more countries have reached a consensus and started to ban plastic products. In this context, the use of paper straws instead of plastic has become a new development project for many packaging companies.
In the early stage of project development, many companies only purchased paper straw production machinery, and the small paper rolls needed to produce paper straws were completely purchased. With the continuous increase of production capacity, the specifications of paper straws tend to be finalized. Many paper straw manufacturers began to plan to cut the paper rolls themselves, because this could save them a lot of cost.

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When purchasing managers and production engineers of paper packaging companies are looking for paper roll slitting machines, they will face the following problems. We want to use this article to explain how to purchase a suitable paper roll slitting machine for the production of paper straws.

What type of paper slitting machine do we need to choose?
Because the roll width of the raw material of the paper straw is relatively small, usually between 7.8-25mm. The paper slitting machine we usually see can only cut paper rolls with a width of more than 50mm. To cut paper rolls with a width less than 20mm, we must choose a central surface paper slitting machine. This type of slitting machine is more stable in tension control, and the special winding structure can slit and rewind narrow paper rolls.

How wide should we choose the machine?
Because the paper straw slitting machine cuts a large number of paper rolls at the same time, it is difficult to control the tension at both ends of the paper roll. So our suggestion is that the width of the slitter is 1.3 times the width of the paper roll. For example, the width of the white cardboard roll you purchased is 750mm, so it is best to use a machine with a width of more than 975mm.

How to arrange the knife for the various size paper straw?
Because paper straws are usually composed of three layers of paper. To produce a paper straw with a specific inner diameter, three widths of paper rolls are needed. Faced with so many sizes, how can we efficiently replace the slitting knife?
I use the OD-5mm straw example to explain the processing. In order to make the OD-5mm paper straw,we should have 13mm width paper rolls(inner layer,120gsm),13.5mm width paper roll(middle layer,120gsm),15mm width paper roll(outer layer,60gsm).
OK. Let’s begin to slit three size paper rolls now.

Now,you have 750mm width mother which will slit into 13mm and 13.5mm narrow rolls in one time(because their paper gsm is same)

You only have one specification knives(the knife width is 10mm). And you have 3mm width and 3.5mm width spacer rings
We use “A” to represent 10mm width knife.
We use “B” to represent 3mm width spacer rings
We use “C” to represent 3.5mm width spacer rings

You arrange the knives and spacer rings in the slitting knife shaft
You will fill the knives and spacer rings into the knife shaft ,ABACABACABACABAC-----------ABAC
Use the method,you will get 13mm width in one rewinding shaft, and 13.5mm width paper rolls in another rewinding shaft.

When you make the 15mm width paper ,you just need use the 10mm width knife and 5mm width space rings.

The solution is eco-friendly. It just need one specification knives and different specification spacer rings to do the job. But when you change the slitting width,you will use much time to take out knives and spacer rings,then put new size knives and spacer rings into the shaft.

分切刀+隔圈 副本

You have enough 13.0mm,13.5mm and 15.0mm width knives. And you have extra sets knives shafts.
You make the shaft have 13mm and 13.5mm width knives one by one.
You make extra shaft have 15mm width knives.

The solution,you should buy more size knives. When you change slitting width,you just need take the whole shaft with knives out of machine,then put another shaft into the machine. You don’t need use time to change knives one by one.

分切刀 副本

We have been producing professional slitting machines for the paper straw industry for more than four years. But we are still constantly developing and improving the machine, hoping that it can run more efficiently and stably. The user is our best teacher. If you have a better idea about the paper straw slitting machine, please contact us to discuss technical updates.

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