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How to find a good paper slitting machine for making paper cups bottom rolls?

Time :2021-06-03 Hits : 29

Paper cups,paper bowls,and other round bottom paper containers are widely used in our life. There are a large number of paper cup manufacturers all over the world. Some small scale capacity companies still purchase finished stock paper cups bottom rolls for your paper cups forming machines. If you want to produce paper cup bottoms yourself, the paper slitting machine becomes an indispensable machine.
Paper slitting machine have many different types for various processing in the printing and packaging industry. If you want to purchase a paper slitting machine for your paper cups bottom,the slitting machine should have this performance below.
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1. The paper cups usually adopt the PE coated paper rolls as raw material. The thickness range is from 120-280gsm. The paper slitting machine must have enough power to cut this range thickness paper rolls.
2. The minimum slitting width is an important issue. The minimum slitting width depends on tension control,machine structure and rewinding shafts type. In some country,the coffee or tea cups are very popular. These type cups bottom diameter is very small,just around 50mm. So when you want to have a paper slitting machine,you also decide the paper cups size you need manufacture in the future.
3. The paper cups forming machine normal can feed maximum 800-900mm diameter bottom rolls. In order to improve the capacity and save changing rolls time,you had better load more larger diameter rolls in the cups machine. Our WZFQ-A series paper slitting rewinding machine can slit and rewind maximum diameter finished rolls in our double rewinding shafts. It can let you have more higher productivity.
4. The double shafts paper slitting and rewinding machine will very high if it can rewind maximum 1000mm diameter rolls. The heavier the weight of the machine, the more stable the operation of the slitting machine will be. You just need check how much thickness of machine rack. Our paper jumbo roll slitting machine adopt 60mm thickness rack and heavy type hydraulic loader to ensure the machine stable running with a high speed.
5. The unloading system. The finished rewinding paper rolls are large size and heavy weight. If the paper slitting rewinding machine has automatic unloading equipment,the machine operators can save much time and physical strength.  
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As a professional paper roll slitting machines manufacturer,we still try our best to develop and research new paper slitting machine functions for the paper printing and packaging industry. If you have any new ideas or any questions you face in your products processing,welcome to contact with us. Our professional engineer teams glad to provide new solutions to help you solve problem. That also can help ourselves machine improving.

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