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How To Make A Paper Cups In The Automatic Machine

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Paper cup is a kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding raw paper (white cardboard) made of wood pulp, and its appearance is cup-shaped. Paper cups for frozen foods are coated with wax, which can hold ice cream, jam, butter, etc. Paper cups for hot drinks are coated with PE, resistant to temperatures above 90℃, and can contain boiled water. The paper cup is characterized by safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience. It can be used in public places, restaurants and beverage shops. It is a disposable item.

In the production of disposable paper cups, paper cup base paper is generally used. Compared with ordinary paper, the base paper of paper cups needs to have waterproof performance. And also, because it will directly contact with the oral cavity, it should meet food-grade standards. General paper usually achieve the whiteness by adding optical brightener. However, the optical brightener is carcinogens, so it can not be added to the production of paper cup base paper, only food-grade brightener can be added. In addition, after the base paper is produced, it needs to be coated with PE. The purpose of PE is to prevent water seepage, and the other is to act as an adhesive when the paper cup is formed. The paper coated on one side is called single-sided PE coated paper, the one coated on both sides is called double-sided PE coated paper.

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Single-sided PE coated paper
Double-sided PE coated paper            Waxed paper cup

Disposable paper cup making process:

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1.PE coating
The paper cup base paper is coated with PE film with a laminating machine.

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Slitting machine cut the coated paper into rectangular paper (for the paper cup wall) and roll paper (for the paper cup bottom).

Offset printing machine or gravure printing machine to print various patterns on rectangular paper.

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4.Die cutting
Die-cutting machine to cut the printed paper rolls into paper cups fans (bowls).

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Paper cup forming machine or paper bowl forming machine to form paper sheets into paper cups (paper bowls) of required specifications with fully automatic.

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6.Disinfect and packing
Seal the finished paper cups (paper bowls) and pack them into plastic bags for disinfection. Finally put them into cartons for selling.

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