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How to make Hookah foil sheets?

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The hookah also be called Shisha which is very popular in the worldwide countries,spacial in the middle east countries. The Hookah foil sheets used to pack hookah clay blow which usually square shape.

应用1 副本

应用2 副本

The aluminum foil sheets have two types in the market now,one type pre-cut piece,anther type without piece. The thickness of foil normal adapt 0.02-0.04mm thickness aluminum foil. In order to improve the foil sheets productivity,my company design the HQJ-800B model automatic sheets cutting machine for cutting the hookah foil sheets.

机型图片-1 副本

The machine have double shaft for loading paper roll and aluminum roll in the machine. Therefore,we can cut two layers roll material to sheets at one time. The paper layer used to protect the aluminum foil sheets.

裁切效果-1 副本
裁切效果-2 副本

If you have interest of the foil and paper sheets cutting machine,please leave message or directly contact with our sales team without hesitation.

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