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How to make various type paper bags by automatic equipment

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Nowadays,paper bags have become the latest trend all over the world for various purpose for carry things,packaging food,and so on. This popularity is not only because of the environmentally friendly option,but it has the power to allow more customization as compared to plastic bags.

With countless advantages,these paper bags are helping the atmosphere to get rid of various harmful toxins and saving marine life from the plastic. In addition to that,if yo talk about business,it is merely a paper bags for them,it is opportunity to make their brand recognized and earn handsome profit and growth.

As the market's demand for paper bags continues to grow, the requirements of paper bag manufacturers on paper bag processing machinery are also increasing. Not only to be efficient, but also to have a high level of automation and low failure probability.In addition to bag making machines, paper bag production usually requires printing machines, paper laminating machines, paper roll slitting machines and other related equipment. The paper bags making machine require to feed paper sheets or paper rolls as raw material to make products. But the rolls feeding type paper bags making machine have been more and more popular over years in the paper bags industry. In order to make customized bags size,we must cut jumbo paper roll into small customized width paper rolls to feed into bags making machine. Therefore, large paper bag manufacturers have their own paper roll slitting machine to make various width paper rolls,then they can make various customized size paper bags.If not,they must share profit with paper rolls converting service companies.
WENZHOU BINBAO MACHINERY focus on manufacturing paper roll to narrow rolls slitting machine with more than 20 years. We have four series models paper slitting machine to reach paper bags manufacturing processing requirements. We can cut maximum 3000mm width paper jumbo rolls. Our paper slitter rewinder machine/paper slitting rewinding machines are not only running high speed and stable productivity,also have intelligent control systems to save time and operating labors.

Next, let me briefly introduce 9 common paper bags on the market.

1.    S.O.S paper bags:
The SOS paper bags stands on its own self so that you can fill it with food,drink,and treats easily. It is preferred lunch carrier of children and office worker the world over. Recognizable by its iconic brown color. Perfect for toting small items. SOS paper bags come in a variety of color for a touch of modern flair.

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2.    Pinch-bottom paper bags
The wide top construction of the pinch-bottom paper bags allow it remain open while being loaded. Whit a tapered end,envelop-like seal,and grease-resistant glassine lining. It makes for an ideal packaging solution for baked good.

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3.    Merchandise paper bags
Merchandise paper bags offered a dependable,stylish way for customers to bring home their in-store purchases. With some customization,you can add your brand logo in the bags. Whether you are a small business owner or an event planner looking for an eye-catching containers for your party favors.

4.    Euro Tote
Think of Euro Tote as the lunch bag’s sophisticated cousin. High-end retailers often use Euro tote as their branded merchandise bags,adorning them with customized designs and branded logos. With ribbon handle and glitter embellishments,they make great alternatives to traditional gift packaging.

5.    Bakery paper bags
Bakery paper bags is crafted specifically to protect your food products. With glassine and wax paper linings.These bags preserve the taste and freshness of perishable items,making them perfect for bread,cookies,and even coffee.

6.    Party paper bags
Celebrate birthdays,bachelorette parties,and other special occasion filling party bags with sweets,gift cards,and other mementos. You guests will love going home with an aesthetically pleasing bags full of keepsakes.

7.    Mailing paper bags
Envelop-style mailing paper bags are perfect for sending important document and small products. With extra layer of protecting padding. They are ideal option to shipping fragile items to customers or business partners.

8.    Recycled paper bags
With the rise of e-commerce,consumers and retailers alike to do everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycled paper bags,made by environmentally friendly materials,can help us go green,and can even be reused for other business needs.

9.    Vogue paper bags
The vogue paper bags make for an elegant alternative to plain paper. Filled with fun tissue paper and a handwritten card tucked inside,vogue paper bags can take your gift wrapping operation to next levels.

Processing different types of paper bags requires different types of machinery. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We will use our rich industry knowledge to provide you with services. Especially the paper slitting machine, we can provide you with the best solution.

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