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Paper Coil Slitting Machine For Packaging Materials Of Alcohol Sterilization Wipes

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During the outbreak of the new coronavirus, there is a strong demand for anti-virus and sterilization products. At the same time, the packaging materials for such products are in short supply. Today, let’s take a look at the production process of packaging materials for alcohol sterilization products and the application of paper and aluminum foil coil slitting machines.

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During transportation and storage, packaging materials must be able to maintain the effectiveness of alcohol sterilization wipes. Therefore, sterilized wet wipes have very strict requirements on packaging materials. We usually use aluminum-paper composites as packaging materials for medical sterilization wipes.Packaging materials are supplied to manufacturers of sterilized wipes in the form of rolls。

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The production process of packaging materials for sterilized wipes is not complicated, and there are three main steps. In each production step, the application of the high-speed slitting machine for paper rolls is inseparable.

Step 1: The composite of paper and aluminum foil material
The laminating machine combines the paper coil and the aluminum foil coil together。
Step 2: Printing paper and aluminum foil composite materials
Packaging materials are not only for wrapping products, but also for displaying manufacturer information and product composition information. Therefore, packaging materials must be printed with graphics.Because the flexographic printing machine has strict restrictions on the width of the web material. In addition, the printing press requires that the roll material must be tightly wound and the edges neat. Therefore, before printing, we must slit and rewind the laminated paper and aluminum foil rolls.

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Step 3: Cut into finished packaging material rolls
In order to improve printing efficiency, we will print multiple layouts of graphics and text on a roll. Because we have to cut the printed roll into small rolls. These small rolls will be transported to the wet tissue production plant and used in the fully automatic wet tissue packaging machine.

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The paper roll slitting machine is like a pair of scissors, which is widely used in the production process of various paper prints. It can improve the work efficiency of the entire production line and improve the product quality of each production step. KBA Machinery focuses on the production of cutting machines for paper roll materials. Our high-speed automatic slitting machine is characterized by stable operation, high slitting precision and high degree of automation.

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