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Paper Rolls Slitting And Cutting Machines For Paper Cups&Bowls Making Machines

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As convenient disposal container,paper cups and paper bowls are widely used in the worldwide.In the background of banning plastic packaging products,the paper containers demand are rapid growth in the world.Processing paper cup stock rolls to narrow rolls for the paper cups bottom is an important step in the paper containers making industry.The slitter machine is a processing machine for the post-printing and after-printing equipment.As a professional paper rolls converting machines manufacturer,we provided best processing solutions for the paper packaging products making industry.


In the paper container making production lines,the paper cups&bowls bottom making is feeding by the paper rolls.So you must need a slitter machine to make the jumbo rolls into narrow rolls.Otherwise,the printing machine also need it. We have two model suitable to paper container manufacturing,KFQ model and WZFQ-A model.

IMG_20191228_143718 副本

The WZFQ-A series slitter rewinder machine have three standard models from 1300mm to 1800mm width.They can slit kraft paper from jumbo paper rolls into narrow rolls that will be feeding into bags making machines.

The KFQ Frame structure slitter rewinder machine is another series machines for the jumbo rolls slitting processing.The model machine have more higher capacity.

If you have interest of our paper cups forming machine,welcome to contact with us to get more details.

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