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Radiography Film Sheets Processing Business

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The radiography film,such x-ray film,gamma film and so on. They are widely used in the medical check.This article will share with you how to produce medical imaging film. The products line have following four steps to make the end using products,x-ray film.

From polyester to film,the film blowing machine can make the raw material to the suitable thickness film.

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The second processing step is the most important in the medical film processing steps.The x-ray film is a gelatin covered polyester base. The film need be coated with ting,sliver,halide crystals that are sensitive to such things as visible x-ray. The processing require high level technician and coating machine.

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The finished coating film roll will be delivery to x-ray manufacturer side factories. Many investors and manufacturers will begin the business in the step. You should find a best supplier of finished coated film rolls suppliers. You should prepare build a Aseptic workshop and related facilities. The film rolls will be cut and pack in the high level workshop. The most important equipment is the film rolls sheets cutting machine. A high precision and no any scratches in the film surface are required for the film sheets cutting processing. Our HQJ-D with conveyor and elevator model is best choice the processing. Learn more details of the machine,please leave your idea to us.

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The final step is packing film sheets,which is important to Photosensitive material products.For the business,you must have equipment to pack film sheets.There are many different types packaging machine in the market.You had better to find a stamp to packaging machine supplier. If not,they don’t know which types machine you need.

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