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Ruian, The Capital of Printing and Packaging Machine

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Ruian belongs to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, and it is located in the middle of China's golden coastline, which is the connection area between the pan-Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The land area is 1,350 square kilometers and the sea area is 3,037 square kilometers. As of the end of 2023, the permanent population of Ruian is 1,534,600.

In 2022, the output value of the four leading industries (automobile and motorcycle parts, mechanical and electronics, polymer synthetic materials and their products, and fashion light industry) was 102.274 billion yuan, an increase of 2.6% over the previous year, accounting for 85.1% of the total output value of industries above designated size. The total import and export volume of Ruian City was 43.06 billion yuan, an increase of 16.4% over the previous year, of which the total export volume was 39.646 billion yuan, an increase of 20.2% over the previous year. In 2023, Selected in the competitiveness think tank "2023 China's Top 100 Comprehensive competitiveness counties and cities", ranked 30th.

Ruian is home to one of the most comprehensive printing and packaging machinery industries in China. Here, you can find a vast array of machinery related to paper and plastic products packaging, catering to various production needs:

(1)Paper Cup Production Lines:





1.Cup Forming Machine:

This is the primary machine that shapes the flat paper or pre-cut blanks into cups. It uses heat and pressure to mold the paper into the desired cup shape. The forming machine is often equipped with a series of molds that match the size and design of the cups being produced.

2. Cutting and Slitting Machine:

Before the paper can be formed into cups, it must be cut and slit to size. This machine cuts large rolls of paper into the specific dimensions required for the cups, and then slits them into individual blanks.

Wenzhou-Binbao-Machinery-Co-Ltd (1)

Coated Oil Proof Paper Roll To Rolls Cutting and Slitting Machine For Beverage Food Grade Paper Cups Raw Material Converting

Water Proof Coated Paper Roll To Rolls Slitting and Rewinding Machine For Paper Cups

White Finished Paper Rolls

3. Lidding Machine:

For cups that require lids, a lidding machine is used. This machinery cuts and forms the lid material, often using a thermoforming process, and then applies the lids to the filled cups, ensuring a secure fit.

4. Printing and Decorating Machine:

Customized designs, logos, and information are added to the cups using this machine. It can apply various types of printing such as flexo, offset, or digital, depending on the complexity and quality of the design required.

5. Coating Machine:

Some paper cups undergo a coating process to make them more rigid or to add a barrier for liquids. The coating machine applies a thin layer of material, such as polyethylene, to the inside or outside of the cup.

6. Folding and Gluing Machine:

This machine folds the formed cup and applies adhesive to seal the side seams. The precision of the fold and the strength of the bond are critical to the final quality of the cup.

7. Stacking and Packing Machine:

After the cups are formed, printed, and sealed, they are stacked and counted by this machine before being packed into boxes. It ensures that the cups are neatly arranged and the correct quantity is packed for shipping.

(2)Paper Bag Production Lines:


1. Paper Roll To Rolls Slitting Rewinding Machine:

This machine cuts jumbo rolls of paper into the specific size required for the bags. It ensures that the paper is cut accurately to minimize waste and maintain consistency in bag size.

Wenzhou-Binbao-Machinery-Co-Ltd (3)Wenzhou-Binbao-Machinery-Co-Ltd (2)
High Speed Tension Control Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine For Customized Logo Paper BagsYellow Brown Craft Paper Roll Slitting Machine For Baking Food Paper Bags Manufacturing

2. Bag Making Machine:

The bag making machine is responsible for shaping the cut paper into bags. It can create various styles of bags, such as flat-bottom bags, gusset bags, or even more complex shapes. The machine folds, creases, and seals the paper to form the bag.

3. Printing Machine:

Customized printing is often an integral part of paper bag production. The printing machine applies logos, designs, and text to the bags. It can use different printing technologies like flexography, screen printing, or digital printing, depending on the complexity and durability of the print required.

4.Die-Cutting Machine:

For bags with handles or special shapes, a die-cutting machine is used. It cuts out the paper into the desired shape, including the handles, using a die or mold that matches the design.

5. Folding and Gluing Machine:

This machine folds the paper into the bag shape and applies adhesive to the necessary areas to seal the bag. It's essential for ensuring that the bags are well-formed and secure.

6. Handle Attaching Machine:

For bags that require handles, this machine attaches the handles to the bag. Handles can be made from paper, plastic, or other materials and are attached using various methods, such as gluing, stitching, or mechanical fastening.

7. Coating Machine:

Some paper bags are coated to enhance their durability and water resistance. The coating machine applies a thin layer of material, such as polyethylene or wax, to the paper to provide these properties.

8. Packaging Machine:

After the bags are made, a packaging machine counts and packages them into boxes or bundles. This machine streamlines the final step of production, ensuring that the bags are neatly packed and ready for distribution.

(3)Label Production Lines:


1. Die-Cutting Machine:

This machine is used to cut the label material into the desired shape and size. Die-cutting is particularly important for creating labels with unique or intricate shapes. The machine uses a steel die with a raised design that matches the shape of the label, which is pressed into the material to cut it.

2. Flexographic Printing Press:

Flexography is a common method for label printing. This type of press uses flexible printing plates and can apply multiple colors in a single pass. It's suitable for printing on a variety of substrates, including paper, film, and foil.

3. Rotary Screen Printing Machine:

For labels that require high-quality images or special inks, such as metallic or fluorescent, screen printing is an excellent choice. This machine uses a mesh to support a stencil, which is used to apply ink directly onto the substrate.

4. Offset Printing Press:

Offset printing is another method used for label production, especially for high-volume runs. This process transfers the ink from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the label material, resulting in sharp, detailed prints.

5. Thermochromic Printing Machine:

For labels that change color with temperature, such as those used in temperature-sensitive applications, a thermochromic printing machine is used. It applies special inks that react to temperature changes.

6. Laminating Machine:

To protect the printed labels and give them a glossy or matte finish, a lamination machine applies a thin layer of protective film to the surface of the labels.

7. Embossing and Debossing Machine:

This machine gives labels a three-dimensional effect by pressing the material to create raised (embossing) or recessed (debossing) designs. This process can enhance the tactile and visual appeal of the labels.

8. UV Coating Machine:

Ultraviolet (UV) coating is applied to labels to provide a protective layer that enhances durability and appearance. The UV coating machine cures the coating with UV light, creating a quick-drying, high-gloss finish.

9. Self Adhesive paper slitter rewinder machine:

After the labels have been printed and finished, they are often slit to the correct width and rewound onto a new roll. This machine ensures that the labels are cut accurately and the roll is wound tightly for easy handling and use.

Self Adhesive Sticker Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine For Making LablesSelf Adhesive Label Sticker Paper Rolls Material Slitting Rewinding Machine For Lables Inkjet Printing

10. Finishing and Dispensing Machines:

Once the labels are printed and finished, they may pass through machines that cut them into individual labels, apply adhesive, or dispense them onto rolls for easy application.

(4)Paper Box Production Lines:


1. Corrugator:

The corrugator is the heart of the cardboard box production line. It creates the corrugated medium by sandwiching a fluted paper layer between two flat layers of linerboard. The corrugator applies heat and pressure to bond these layers together.

2. Single-Face Corrugator:

This machine produces a single layer of corrugated paper, which is the first step in the process. It involves heating a single sheet of paper and passing it over a series of heated corrugated rollers to create the fluted pattern.

3. Double-Face Corrugator:

Following the creation of the single-face corrugated paper, the double-face machine adds the liner boards to either side of the fluted medium. This machine also applies adhesive to bond the layers together.

4. Paper jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitter rewinding machine:

Once the corrugated board is produced, it is cut and slit to the desired width. This machine can cut the large rolls of corrugated material into smaller, more manageable rolls that are easier to work with in subsequent processes.

Binbao SLD Series Paper Jumbo Roll To Narrow Rolls Slitting Cutting Machine For Box Making ManufacturingLaminated Brown Finished Small Rolls

5. Printing Machine:

The printed design is applied to the cardboard using a flexographic or offset printing press. These machines can print text, logos, and designs directly onto the corrugated board.

6. Die-Cutting Machine:

After printing, the die-cutting machine cuts the cardboard into the shape of the finished box. It uses a die with a raised design that matches the shape of the box, which is pressed into the cardboard to cut it.

7.Creasing Machine:

This machine scores the cardboard along the lines where the box will be folded. Creasing ensures that the box folds neatly and accurately without tearing the cardboard.

8. Folding and Gluing Machine:

The folded edges of the box are glued using this machine, which applies adhesive to the flaps and then folds the box into its final shape. The machine can also staple or tape the box, depending on the design requirements.

9. Stacking and Palletizing Machine:

Once the boxes are glued and folded, they are stacked and palletized for easy storage and transportation. This machine can automatically stack the boxes and wrap them onto a pallet for efficient handling.

10. Coating Machine:

Some boxes may require a protective coating or a special finish, such as a water-resistant or UV-resistant coating. A coating machine applies this protective layer to the cardboard.

Accessing Ruian:

1.By Air: The nearest international airport is ‘Wenzhou Longwan International Airport’, offering flights from various domestic and international destinations.

2.By High-Speed Rail: The ‘Ruian Railway Station’ is well-connected, making it convenient for travelers to reach Ruian swiftly.

Purchasing high-speed rail tickets:

‘TRIP App’ is Ctrip's ticket business software in foreign countries, which can be downloaded on all major platforms or you also can use the web address ‘’. Here's how to buy it:

1.On the main page, pull the car rentals line to the left and you'll see train.

2.After choosing China, you can choose between the two places, as well as the time.

3.After selecting the train number, you will enter the passenger information interface, which supports various identities, such as passport, return card and Taiwan Resident card. You need to fill in the contact information, be sure to leave a working email, the ticket will be sent to this email.

4.Finally, payment is supported by credit cards in various countries, and Apple pay is also supported.

For a comfortable stay, consider these reputable hotels:

1.Rui'an International Hotel:Offering a blend of luxury and comfort, it's an ideal choice for business and leisure travelers.

2.Rui'an Ruili Bund Hotel: Located near the scenic Bund area, it provides easy access to the city's attractions.

3.Rui Li Bin Hai Hotel: With its coastal charm, it's perfect for those seeking a tranquil retreat.

4.Pingyang Wanquan Resort Hotel: Nestled in the scenic Pingyang area, it offers a serene getaway experience.

Our Wenzhou Binbao Machinery Co.Ltd leads in manufacturing of paper&film jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitting rewinding machine and roll to sheets cutting machine,for printing and packaging products industry. We develop and build the machinery and the control systems that manage the machinery. It is our mission to offer high level quality machines for the industry.

We warmly welcome you to Ruian and extend our support should you encounter any difficulties during your visit. With our expertise and local knowledge, we are more than willing to assist you in making your journey a successful one.

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