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Seven kinds of waste in paper product manufacturing plants

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For manufacturing companies, the site is the production plant, and the management of the site plays an important role in the production of the company. Eliminating waste is the essence of lean management! How to eliminate it? Printing companies hurry up and look over!
As professional paper slitting machine and paper roll to sheets cutting machine manufacturer,we want to discuss the waste in the paper products plants.

1.Waste of the products and raw material stocking
Too much inventory not only takes up space and money, generates a lot of unnecessary handling, stacking and searching, but also masks various problems within the company. For example, unreasonable production cycles, too many equipment breakdowns, too many defective products, etc.
The main reason for this is that companies believe that if they have sufficient inventory, they can have inventory to cover the problems when they arise, and the problems can be solved slowly or even without solving them, or at least they don't have to be solved urgently now. Over time, the seeds of hidden problems are planted.

2.Waste if the waiting during products processing
The phenomenon of waiting can be seen everywhere during processing, handling and inspection. For example, waiting is a high risk of waste when the material comes in late, the equipment breaks down, the automatic machine works, and the production load is unbalanced.

3.Waste of the action during products processing
In the production process, as long as the movement of people and equipment does not produce added value, it can be called action waste. For example, one hand idle, work action suddenly stop, work action too big, left and right hand exchange, walk too much, turn too big angle, change "state" in the movement, stretch back bending action and repeat action, these unreasonable action caused unnecessary consumption of time and physical strength, are action waste.
The three main improvement directions to eliminate action waste are: ① cancel unnecessary actions; ② combine more than two actions; ③ follow the first-in-first-out principle when placing items

4.Waste of the overproduction
Overproduction includes both overproduction and premature production. Overproduction is mainly caused by unbalanced production. When an imbalance occurs, the line should have been stopped to trace its cause so that the problem can be identified in time, but overproduction has the potential to make the cause untraceable. Producing a large number of unsold products not only takes up capital, production space and storage space, increases handling and inventory waste, but also covers up various deviations, waste and irrationalities that have already occurred in the production process, throwing away a breakthrough in improvement for nothing.
If production is too early and three years' work is done in one year, then it is the same as generating two years' time of inventory. This situation does not indicate high production efficiency, but instead indicates chaotic production management, unreasonable labor quotas and unbalanced production, etc.

5.Waste of the defective products
Defective product waste is the waste of materials, machinery and labor caused by the continuous production of substandard products, during product inspection, scrap or rework activities. If the defective products go to the market, it will cause greater losses such as customer complaints and product recalls.
The two major improvement directions to eliminate the waste of defective products are: ① grasp the quality in the production process, never let the defective products flow to the next process, the goal is to do a batch of products on the qualified batch of products, the pursuit of quality zero defects; ② if the defective products, should immediately interrupt the production line, more than five WHY, timely find the real cause of the defect.

6.Waste of handling,such as placing,moving,stacking
Handling is a process that includes placing, stacking, moving, and organizing in all production activities, but it does not add value, so it is considered a waste in itself.
Handling includes moving raw materials and parts to the next process, moving them to a temporary location, and moving stacked items to a cart. Among them, unreasonable equipment layout, unreasonable production line layout, and unreasonable process flow are the main factors that cause handling waste.

7.Waste of over processing
Over-processing waste is the waste caused by over-processing because the quality or accuracy of the process exceeds the needs of the next process or the customer's needs. For example, endless trimming, frequent testing, sorting and inspection. These waste excessive man-hours, raw materials and equipment wear and tear for nothing. In the process of reducing excessive processing waste some processes can be omitted, combined or simplified, etc.

Packaging and printing product manufacturers have to save production costs by continuously optimizing the production process, so as to improve production efficiency and profitability. Paper roll slitting rewinding machine and paper roll to sheets cutting machine are two common type equipment for converting raw material in the printing and packaging industry.Packaging and printing product manufacturers have to save production costs by continuously optimizing the production process, so as to improve production efficiency and profitability.
All our paper slitting machine paper roll uncoil system adopt the shaft less controlled by the hydraulic station. The design can make the loading paper rolls very easily. Save labors and save much time to improve producing effective.
During the paper roll slitting processing,the edge of paper rolls should be trimmed and remove out of machine. Our machine has the web guider system control the edge position to reduce the trimming edge width.

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