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The Paper Roll To Sheets Cutting Machine For The Paper Bags Manufacturing

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Gaobao Machinery designed many models cross cutting roll to sheets paper roll cutting machine for reaching different customer demand.As a manufacturer of paper bags,if you have or plan to purchase a set paper sheets feeding paper bags making machine,the paper roll to sheets cross cutting machines will be your business partner.

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We have different level paper roll to sheets cutting machine.We have some customer demand cases for you as conference.

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Customer Demand Case One:
End products: V bottom takeaway paper bags,Square bottom paper bags.
Material: Grease proof coating paper.(45-82gsm),printing and blank paper roll.
Cutting Size: length(30-550mm) width(20-430mm)
Speed:150 cutting time per minute
Voltage: 415V 3Phase

Deal By:
Model:HQJ-D paper roll to sheets cutting machine
Material:paper,coating paper,laminated paper,pet.(20-400gsm,0.01-0.8mm)
Cutting length:20-1200mm
Unwinding roll width:800-1600mm
Speed:100-180 cutting times per minute
Color mark: photocell sensor for tracking printing mark
Voltage: customize available
Unwinding Unit:one/two/four available.

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