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The Sheets Cutting Machine For Food Wrapping Paper Sheets Manufacturing

Time :2021-06-15 Hits : 25

Fast food sandwich.bread,hamburger wrapping paper and baking silicon paper sheets are very popular and large demanding in the market in these year.In order to cut the thin and slip grease proof paper,Gaobao Machinery designed many models thin paper roll to sheets paper roll cutting machine for reaching different customer demand.
We have different level paper roll to sheets cutting machine.We have some customer demand cases for you as conference.

Customer Demand Case
End products: fast food wrapping paper,baking silicon paper,move house wrapping paper sheets.
Material: Grease proof coating paper,stone paper,recycle paper.(18-50gsm),printing and blank paper roll.
Cutting Size: length(30-550mm) width(20-430mm)
Speed:150 cutting time per minute
Voltage: 220V 1Phase

插图-1 副本副本
插图-2 副本副本

Deal By:
Model:HQJ-D paper roll to sheets cutting machine
Material:paper,coating paper,laminated paper,pet.(18-80gsm)
Cutting length:20-1200mm
Unwinding roll width:800-1600mm
Speed:100-180 cutting times per minute
Color mark: photocell sensor for tracking printing mark
Receive table:normal table/automatic stacking conveyor&elevator table
Voltage: customize available
Unwinding Unit:one/two/four available.

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