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What are the characteristics of the paper straw slitting machine?

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More and more countries have joined the ban on plastics, and plastic products in our daily lives are gradually being replaced by paper products. Paper straws are one of the paper products that are quietly popular. Although the performance of paper straws is still not comparable to plastic straws, plastic straws have been banned in many countries. So paper straws have become irreplaceable products.
The production of paper straws usually requires a paper roll slitting machine, a flexible printing machine and a paper straw forming machine(a type machine like paper tube forming machine).As a professional paper roll slitting machine manufacturer, we want to briefly introduce to you what characteristics a good paper straw paper roll slitting machine needs to have.A paper straw manufacturer does not need too many paper roll slitting machines. The capacity of one slitting machine is enough to supply the paper rolls for feeding 20-30 sets paper straw forming machines.
The paper straw is a special paper tube with a relatively small inner diameter. Therefore, the width of the paper roll used to produce paper straws is relatively narrow, usually between 7-25mm. Slitting such a narrow paper roll requires very high tension control of the paper roll slitting machine.The paper straw consists of three layers of paper, the thickness of the inner and middle layers of paper is the same, and the thickness of the outer layer is lower.

The paper straw paper roll slitting machine should adopt the center and surface winding method.If you want to slit paper rolls with a width less than 20mm, the slitting machine must use this winding method.This way can well control the winding tension.

The paper straw paper roll slitting machine must not only be able to cut thick pe
coated paper rolls, but must also be able to cut thinner paper rolls,such as MG paper for drinking straw packaging.The paper used to wrap straws is usually relatively thin. So your paper roll slitting machine must also be able to cut thin paper perfectly.

The slitting knife of the paper straw paper roll slitting machine is very narrow and has a wide range of specifications. Therefore, the knife adjustment method of the slitting machine must be easy to operate. The slitting knife of our slitting machine adopts a replacement knife shaft. When the operator needs to change the slitting size, he can easily and quickly change the size of the slitting knife. This not only can save operating time,but also can improve productivity.

According to the characteristics of paper straw rolls, our paper roll slitting machine has specially improved some designs. These unique designs can increase the productivity of the machine and are easy to operate.For more parameters of the slitting machine, please contact our sales team to obtain.

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