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What Shall You Know About Mapitho Paper ? How To Convert The Paper In Slitter Rewinder Machine?

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Maplitho is a eco-friendly wood free paper that has excellent shade stability and light fastness property. It is also a premium uncoated surface high bright alkaline sized paper manufactured by using ECF bleached pulp, which is available in the gsm range of 58 to 150 in both reels & sheets. It has excellent opacity and good dimensional stability. High surface smoothness and strength properties make it an ideal choice for multi-colour printing and for use as Lamination base. The nature of the paper used for printing plays an important role in deters quality of the final printed product. The quality of paper is defined by several parameters, which affect not just the quality of the print but also control the physical aspects during print production.

Technically maplitho means surface sized paper. It is used as computer stationery in homes and offices, for printing bills, invoices, cashbooks, leaflets, mailers, calendars, computer stationery, cashbooks, making writing pads etc. Other important uses include printing all types of labels. As it can enable embossing on both sides it is also used for Braille printing for the blind, making a significant contribution to society. It is compatible with all laser and inkjet printers and photocopy machines thus making it very versatile. This paper is available in many sizes and two shades. Being recyclable, its role in helping conserve the environment cannot be ignored.

There are many famous manufactures in the market. For example, MODI INTERNATIONAL is one of the prominent suppliers of maplitho paper in India. They are now recognized as a leading international trading of pulp, paper & paper boards, waste paper, and chemical & minerals. Multiwal Group, as one of the India leading pulp and paper companies, is responsible for delivering quality products to meet the growing global demand for packaging and paper. Abhishek Industries Ltd., is integrated manufacturers of pulp & paper producing 400 MT of printing & writing paper in India. Its main products are SSML, copier, and other varieties.

Maplitho label stock is available with water base adhesive in 40 width or any size, which can slit by the customers’ requirements. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high quality slitter rewinder machine. Binbao Machinery leads in manufacturing of paper&film jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitting rewinding machine in printing and packaging products industry, such as SLC series slitter rewinder machine, SLA series slitter rewinder machine, SLB series slitter rewinder machine, and the new designed SLD-pro model slitter rewinder machine. As the material is fed out of the unwind, the slitter cuts it into smaller widths according to the machine settings. After the material is slit, the strips are then rewound onto a corresponding core of the same width.


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Maplitho Paper Converting In Slitter Rewinder Machine

Maplitho paper

Maplitho Paper Converting By Slitter Rewinder Machine

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