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Best Pre-sales Service To Help Russian Customer To Find PET PP Sheets Cutting Machine

Time :2021-08-03 Hits : 23

We are manufacturer of paper and plastic film roll to sheets cutting machine,jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitting machine for printing and packaging industry products processing.We have extensive experience in cutting common materials from roll to custom size sheets. However, we often receive inquiries from some customers. Their material properties are special or the cutting specifications are not common.
In order to be able to help customers with special needs to purchase suitable models, pre-sales service becomes essential. In addition to understanding the customer's raw material characteristics, parent roll specifications, and cutting specifications, we also conduct cutting tests for customers for free.
A Russian client is interested in our roll to sheets cross cutting machine. They are mainly used for cutting pet pp sheets. But they require our cutting length to reach 1200mm, and stacking neatly. We helped them purchase a roll of raw material and cut it on our machine. The performance of our machines can fully meet customer requirements.
We never boast about the performance of our machines. In the pre-sale communication, we provide customers with professional services with a sincere and responsible attitude.

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