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Do you know the meaning of the technical terms used in printing equipment?

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In this article we will share with you the printing equipment terminology.
1. Offset printing press: according to the principle of indirect printing, the printing plate through the blanket transfer cylinder to transfer the graphics on the substrate for printing lithographic printing machine
2. Blanket: offset printing press on the transfer cylinder coverings; components of the lining.
3. Rolling: Offset printing machine blanket cylinder and plate cylinder or impression cylinder between the relative rolling under pressure.
Bearer: the two ends of the cylinder to determine the cylinder gap of the raised steel ring, is also the basis for adjusting the cylinder center distance and determine the thickness of the liner.
5. Cylinder-packing: printing presses on the imprinted body or under the plate wrapping.
6. Plate cylinder: the cylindrical printing plate or its support body on the printing press.
7. Blanket cylinder: indirect printing will transfer the ink of the printing plate graphics to the substrate transfer cylinder, its surface wrapped in blanket.
8. Impression cylinder: the cylindrical impression of the body on the printing press.
9. wetting device: lithographic printing machine components, used to transport and adjust the wetting fluid mechanism.
10.Form dampening roller: lithographic printing machine will be wetting solution coating knife printing plate on the roller.
11.Dampening vibrator: axially strung water transfer roller.
12.Inking unit: part of the offset printing machine, before each printing process to adjust and transfer the ink and ink will be evenly coated to the printing plate.
13. Inking up: Inking up through the ink roller to spread ink on the graphic part of the printing plate.
14.Form inking roller: The roller that applies ink to the printing plate in the printing press.
15. Ink fountain roller: The roller that outputs ink from the ink hopper.
16. Ink distributing roller: The roller that passes and lathers the ink.
17. Ink vibrator: A roller for leveling ink in axial motion.
18. Sheet feeder: The device that carries the paper to be printed from the stack to the positioning mechanism in the offset press.
Gauge: Sheetfed offset press paper positioning components.
20. Front lay: so that the paper in the gripper edge of the accurate positioning of the paper blocking parts.
Side mark: make the side edge of the paper accurate positioning components.
22. Sheet transfer: the positioned paper or substrate, through the paper transfer teeth to the impression cylinder for printing.
23. Transfer gripper: The gripper part that receives the substrate such as paper from the front gauge and passes it to the cylinder in synchronization with the impression cylinder.
24.Feed edge: sheet-fed printing, the plate and paper and other substrates in front of the white edge left.
25. Delivery unit: the printing machine to collect the sheet mechanism.
26.Desk top publishing (DTP): A new type of prepress processing equipment introduced in the 1990s, which is a combination of two parts: desktop color separation and desktop electronic publishing. High-end networking means that the color desktop publishing system is linked to the existing electronic color separation machine of various models, a way of working of the desktop system.
27.Control strip: a soft strip composed of dot, field, line light measurement mark, used to judge and control the copy, sun, proofing and printing when the transfer of information.
28.Vacuum frame: can complete the contact exposure of the vacuum plate drying equipment.

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