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How can the same paper cutter meet the three cutting requirements of A4, A3 and legal at the same time?

Time :2022-06-30 Hits : 26

The standard SCA4 series cutting machine produced by Binbao Machinery can only be used to cut and pack A4 copy paper. This model is very stable and mature. Binbao Machinery has more than ten years of production experience, and has exported to many countries, such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and so on. The SCA4 series is ideal for small-scale copy paper manufacturers. It has the characteristics of stable production capacity, low total price and simple operation. Every year, we can export 30 sets of copy paper production lines to all over the world.
However, more and more customers expect our machines to be able to cut a variety of specifications, such as A3, legal, letter and other specifications. Binbao Machinery, as a professional manufacturer of paper roll slitting cutting equipment, constantly improving the machine is our mission.

The multi-specification copy paper cutting machine of Binbao Machinery was officially assembled at the end of June 2022, and passed the customer's remote online acceptance.
Next, let's introduce the difference between the new multi-specification copy paper cutting equipment and the standard SCA4 series.
1. The front baffle of the stacker is adjustable. To sort through two lengths of paper, 297mm and 330mm, we adjusted the front bezel to an adjustable mode. It can not only meet A4, A3 specifications, but also meet the length of Legal.
2. The slitting knife unit bottom knife does not need to be adjusted. In the production of A4 and legal size copy paper, the slitting width is 210mm and 216mm, respectively. If the bottom slitting knives need to be rearranged every time when the cutting specification is changed, this is very time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, we arrange the 216mm and 210mm knives on the bottom slitting shaft at one time, eliminating the step of rearranging the knives. When changing the cutting specifications, you only need to adjust the upper knife.
3.4 groups of floating rollers are reduced from two units to one unit. The optimization of this structure not only greatly reduces the difficulty and time of threading, but also saves nearly 1.5 meters of space.
4. Optimize the layout of the unwinding paper holder stands. The old SCA4 series unwinding stands are arranged at intervals, and the new unwinding stands are arranged back to back. This new layout saves 5 meters of length space.
This new model of Binbao Machinery not only meets the needs of multi-specification cutting, but also simplifies the operation process and greatly reduces the floor space. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

A4 A3 Legal Size Paper Roll To Sheets Cutting MachineAutomatic Reams Wrapping Machine Paper Material
A4 A3 Legal Size Paper Roll To Sheets Cutting MachineAutomatic Reams Wrapping Machine Paper Material
Automatic Wrapping Machine Feeding Unitback to back layout unwinding stand
Automatic Wrapping Machine Feeding UnitBack to back layout unwinding stand
Conveyor BeltFour groups floating rollers
Conveyor BeltFour groups floating rollers
Paper Cutting Machine StackerPaper Jumbo Roll Unwinding Stand
Paper Cutting Machine StackerPaper Jumbo Roll Unwinding Stand
Paper Web Threading PathPaper Web Threading
Paper Web Threading Path
Paper Web Threading
Reams Wrapping MachineSlitting knives
Reams Wrapping MachineSlitting knives

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