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How to arrange the printing process reasonably for the color box with more complicated printing layout?

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The color box has a specific performance due to its exquisite appearance and unique post-processing technology, and it is favored by many merchants in the sales package. With the continuous improvement of economic level, people have higher and higher requirements for packaging products. As far as color box packaging is concerned, its printing requirements will also increase.
Therefore, in order to ensure the printing effect in the printing process of the color box, there are printing methods that combine a variety of printing processes. Next, the small box will introduce the printing method that combines offset printing and embossing in the color box printing process.
The offset printing process has the characteristics of light printing pressure, relatively small printing deformation, and the product is not easy to be dirty and over-bottomed, and its printing reproduction effect is good, the color tone is soft, the dot is clear, and the printing layer is rich. Versions, lines, small text, overcast images and large-scale solid layouts.
The embossing process can achieve a large amount of ink supply at one time and has the advantages of thick and full ink layer, bright color, high gloss, etc. It is more suitable for printing gold and silver ink layouts, solid, line or text layouts.
The printing process that combines multiple printing methods is to use the advantages of different printing processes to print products that have both mesh, text, lines and solid patterns, as well as various color layouts, and combine the advantages of different printing methods. Using process "synthesis" to print the same product can not only make the utilization rate of the equipment be fully utilized, but also improve the product quality and economic benefits simultaneously. As for the printing method that combines offset printing and embossing, how should the process be reasonably arranged?
Generally speaking, from the characteristics of printing, the ink layer of the offset printing process is thin, the ink is also easy to dry, and the product does not produce bumps, which does not affect the normal overprinting of embossing. However, the ink color of the embossing process is slow to dry, which will cause some adverse effects on the normal color registration.
Therefore, the overprinting sequence of products that combine glue and embossing printing methods should follow:

The offset printing layout is printed first, and the relief printing layout is printed later;

Small layouts are printed first, and large-area layouts are printed later;

The ink with strong hiding power is printed first, and the ink with strong transparency is printed later. For example, red and yellow (except for white ink dilution) are overprinted with black characters or patterns on the layout. The black layout can be printed first, and the other colors are printed later. In this way, due to the strong transparency of the overprint color, black can still show pure black color.
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