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How To Choose A Suitable Web Guider System For Paper Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine

Time :2021-08-03 Hits : 50

In the paper product packaging and printing industry, the paper roll slitting machine is a commonly used processing machine before and after printing. The paper rolls we buy from paper mills or paper roll distributors are relatively wide. Therefore, we need to cut large paper rolls into small paper rolls of various widths to meet the requirements of subsequent processing machinery.
In order to improve the precision of slitting, our paper roll slitting machine unwinding stander is equipped with an edge correction system(web guider system). The system detect the position of the edge through the sensor and transmits the position signal to the control system. The control system drives the motor to achieve the purpose of correcting the edge position.
We choose different detection sensors according to different materials. Commonly used sensors include infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and photoelectric eye sensors. When the slitting machine cuts the printed paper roll, and the printing line should be detected. Our slitting machine must use a photoelectric eye detection probe, which has a camera that can continuously detect the printing line. If the material is blank, we usually choose an ultrasonic sensor. However, if the edges of your material are transparent, infrared detection sensors are better,such as Such as transparent film, pe coated paper, paper-plastic composite material.
If you need to purchase a paper roll slitting machine, we will provide you with high-quality pre-sales consulting services. Use our professional knowledge to choose cost-effective models for you to improve your production efficiency and product competitiveness

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