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How To Cut Slip Paper Rolls Material Into Customize Size Sheets?

Time :2021-08-11 Hits : 24

In the food packaging industry, in order to make the paper have the effect of oil and water resistance. We will add a silicon coating to the surface of the paper. But this material is very slippery and very light.
This type paper material are widely used to wrap food,such as hamburger,sandwich,and fried chicken and so on.This kind of food packaging paper is in great demand in the market. However, the production efficiency of cutting this paper is very low.The food packaging paper cross-cutting machine designed by our company has greatly improved production efficiency and cutting accuracy.


The silicon coated paper for food wrapping is very light and thin.
Because this paper is very light and thin, when the paper comes out of the machine, the paper is very easy to float and fly in the sky. In addition, when you cut longer paper sheets, the paper sheets is very easy to bend. The problem make the paper sheets which can’t smoothly come out of machine and stack in the platform. Our paper sheets cutting machine has some tubes near the cross cutting knife. When the paper sheets come out of machine,these tubes are going to start blowing. This device can keep the paper straight out of the machine.At the same time, we added several sets of boards in the cross cutting knife. These boards press paper sheets on the platform to prevent floating up.

插图-1 副本
插图-2 副本


Two end side finishing paper sheets can’t stack well and slip in the platform
Our machine can cut out multi sheets at one time,so two end sides of paper piles easy to slip. In the case,the operators difficult to collect finishing paper sheets and need much time to pack them.We designed a device like this in the picture. This board can be constantly vibrated to keep the edges of the paper pile neat in the two sides and not slip,move.

插图-3 副本

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