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Online visiting our paper roll to sheets cutting machine in Mexico customer factory

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This group of photos was taken at a customer factory in Mexico. They ordered a small A4 paper sheets cutter machine with us in early 2020.
When ordering the machine, they only need to cut A4 size paper, including copy paper, label sticker paper, handmade paper, fine art paper, etc.Last month, our after-sales team and their technical staff conducted an online return visit. We learned about the operating conditions of their machines and the problems encountered. The machine runs stably. However, they still have some problems with the system operation of the machine. After communication, we conducted another system operation training for the problems they raised.
The model paper roll to sheets cutting machine adopt the guillotine type cross cutting knife,the cutting precision is higher than the rotary type cross cutting knife. And cutting sheets don’t have burrs.
This model machine is very ideal equipment to make thin&light paper sheets products.Although its speed is not high, it is very versatile. It can cut thin paper at will, and it can also cut thick paper. It equip with slitting knife unit. The machine can output multi sheets at one cutting time(more than 5 sheets available)

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