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Paper Sheets Cutting Machine Succeed Installing And Testing In Paper Bags Manufacturers Customer Site

Time :2021-08-03 Hits : 19

This is an paper roll to sheets cutting machine. It is successful to install and test in the customer factory workshop. The customer is an manufacturer of paper shopping bags for chain clothing brand. They got two big orders from two famous kids clothing brands. It became very urgently to purchase one more set paper roll to sheets cutting machine to cut custom size sheets for feeding into their paper shopping bags forming machine. They had three sets paper shopping bags forming machines now. The newly-purchased machine can greatly increase their production efficiency. Enough paper sheets will be cut by our paper sheets cutting machines.
Because of the trust in our machine, customers directly use printed paper rolls to cut on our machine. Due to the perfect performance of our machine, our machine did not waste a little customer's material in the test. The materials obtained in the test can fully meet the customer's requirements for the production of paper bags.
Many shopping bag manufacturers use sheet-fed bag making machines. So in the paper bag production industry, our paper roll to sheets cross cutting machine is an indispensable machine. If you use flexographic printing, the printed paper roll needs to be cut into sheets on our paper sheeter cutter machine. If you use offset printing, then you need to cut the blank paper roll into paper sheets, and then these papers can be sent to the offset printing machine for printing.

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