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Semi Automatic A4 Copy Paper Reams Production Line Deliver to Morocco Customer

Time :2021-08-31 Hits : 14

After a semi-automatic A4 paper production line has been tested and inspected many times, it was packaged and loaded into a 40HQ container.The destination of this container is the port of Casablanca in Morocco.

The A4 copy paper reams production line has two units,paper roll to sheets cutting machine unit and paper sheets wrapping into reams machine unit. The wrapping machine unit has two option,full automatic and semi automatic. The full automatic wrapping machine can connect with paper sheets cutting machine. Collected paper sheets can automatic feed into wrapping machine by the conveyor belt.However,you should feed collected paper sheets into semi automatic wrapping machine by manual.
The semi automatic wrapping machine use film laminated paper sheets as raw material. But full automatic wrapping machine use printed paper roll. In Morocco,the flexible printing is very expensive. This is the reason that the customer choose semi automatic wrapping machine. They can get offset printing service with economic price in local.
This customer is a large paper production manufacturer in Morocco. They expect to purchase our high speed A4 reams production line in the future,which can produce more than 20 tons per day.







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