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Ship A Set High Speed Paper Slitting Machine To Portugal Paper Bags Manufacturer

Time :2021-08-16 Hits : 15

This is a large manufacturer of paper bags. They have stable annual paper bag orders from a number of well-known European chain brands.They have purchased 3 paper bag machines made in China. The stable production status of these paper bag machines and the high-quality after-sales service of the suppliers give them full confidence in the paper forming machinery made in China.

When they need to buy a paper roll slitting machine, they also hope to purchase from China. So they want their Chinese suppliers to give some advice.After investigating the information of the paper roll slitting machine, they found that our company's name often appeared in their suppliers form.

After they got in touch with our sales team, we quickly determined the specific parameters of the paper roll slitting machine, the width and diameter of the mother jumbo paper rolls, the maximum diameter and the minimum width of the slitting finished rolls, etc.

The paper bag machine has very high requirements on the raw material of the feeding paper rolls. If the winding tension of the raw material paper roll is uneven and the edges are not neat, this may cause the paper bag machine to malfunction.

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