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The Center Surface Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Delivery To Columbia Customer

Time :2021-08-11 Hits : 23

The Columbia customer sent a mail to our company mail box to inquiry the paper slitting machine in the early of this year. They had learn all items of our this model machine. Because their company purchase manager saw our this model paper slitting rewinding machine in their a stock paper rolls supplier factory at long time ago. Our machine stable performance give their purchase manager deep impression.

New Ordered Machine-1 副本

New Ordered Machine-2 副本

New Ordered Machine-3 副本

New Ordered Machine-4 副本

Old Machine In Their Supplier Factory-1 副本

Old Machine In Their Supplier Factory-2 副本

Old Machine In Their Supplier Factory-3 副本
Woeden Case Package-1 副本

As their company's business volume grows, they planed  to cut the paper rolls by themselves.When they made this decision, they did not contact any other slitting machine manufacturers. They directly send email and contacted our sales team.

After discussing the payment term and delivery time,we finished the contract within a week. We felt very proud of our manufactured machines and service. The machine quality and service always is a company life,which can help us to get more customers’ trust our machine quality and service.At the same time, we also feel that our responsibilities are getting heavier. We will continue to optimize the company’s management system and quality control capabilities, so that  we can produce better paper slitting machines for the worldwide paper product processing industry

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