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The Double Side Silicon Release Paper Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine Delivery To India

Time :2021-08-03 Hits : 26

The SLA-1800 model paper jumbo rolls slitting machine ordered by an Indian customer is packaged, ready to be put into a container and shipped.

Because this Indian customer is a manufacturer of double-sided silicone coated release paper. This material is not only very thin, but also very smooth on both sides. Such material properties make slitting and rewinding very difficult, and the winding tension is difficult to control.
Before the customer places an order, we agree to use the paper roll specified by the customer to test on our machine. After reaching the acceptance standard, the customer agrees to our package and delivery.
Because the material is very smooth, we encountered a lot of difficulties during the test machine, such as not tightly winding, uneven edges of the paper roll, etc. After our testing engineers adjusted the machine parameters, a good slitting and rewinding effect was finally achieved.
The customer is very satisfied with the test result of the machine. Because our machine meets the customer's expectations. Our paper roll slitter rewinding machine solves the problems that their old machines can't solve. Our machines are about to greatly increase their production efficiency.

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