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How to cut MG and MF tissue paper roll into customize size sheets?

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What is MG tissue paper?

MG Tissue Paper - MG stands for machine glazed which means it has a glazed (shiny) surface on 1 side.

What is MF tissue paper?

MF or Machine Finished Tissue Paper is a premium quality tissue paper with a glaze finish on both sides. It is more transparent than MG tissue paper and has a luxury crisp feel. MG (Machine Glazed) Tissue Paper is a slightly lower quality tissue paper with a glazed finish on one side.

What are the characteristics of MG tissue paper and MF tissue paper?

smooth surface, thin, soft, uniformity and transparency, popular in making printable process ;good toughness; strong air permeability; moisture proof,

What are the usages of MG tissue paper?

MG tissue paper mainly used to wrap and pack products,such as shoes,clothes,fruit,leather,bags,gift,flowers,sugar. Because the acid free MG tissue paper is very safety for food.




How to cut so thin and slight MG tissue paper roll into size sheets?

Due to the MG tissue paper is thin and slight,it is difficult to cut roll into size sheets.The gsm range from 14-35gsm MG paper should be cut by straight blade. Rotary knife blade sheeter machine can’t work for cutting MG tissue paper.The finished cutting paper sheets are easy to fly up in the air. A device should be designed in the blade press paper sheets against in the collecting&conveyor table.

SCL model paper roll to sheets cutting machine is special suitable to cut thin and light MG tissue paper roll into size sheets. The model machine equipped conveyor belt table,machine don’t stop when operators collect finished cutting sheets. The automatic counting function help you to easily pack sheets into reams.The model machine has one roll feeding,two rolls and four rolls as options to improve producing capacity.

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