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Online Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine And Laminating Machine

The ZFM-1500JZ series machine is a customize size sheets cutting machine. It also be called roll to sheets cutting machine,paper sheeter machine,cutting slitting machine for cutting various length and width sheets for the printing and packaging industry products producing.

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Configuration & Functions
1. Shaftless Unwinding: The unwinder adopts shaftless feeding system that both suitable for 3inch and 6inch paper core and could support big jumbo roll. Shaftless unwinder is easy for loading and unloading.
2. Compact machine structure design that would easy for cross the paper materials in machine and save the materials waste.
3. Ultrasonic web guide system. Adopt sensitive ultrasonic web guide system make sure material cut in high precision
4.Teflon coated drying roll: Exclusive treatment of drying roll with Teflon coating that make the roll surface smooth and glue stickless. Compare with chrome plate, the temperature will more balanced.
5.Double metal roll glue coating system: High precision treatment double rolls coating system with Rubber blade (metal blade) that could available for various glue, and also save a lot glue (3-4g/m2)
6. Drying and Heating System: Bulk 800mm diameter drying roll with Teflon coating, that could bring the highest glue drying effect, large heating roll by electromagnetic heating plus oil heating, guarantee the heating efficiency and make sure laminating quality when run in high speed.
7.Main Machine Body: Thicken machine wall (25mm thickness) enhances stability and for long time service life.
8. Synchronous Belt Driving System: Special structure design in minimum transmission line , adopts synchronous belt to drive the laminating unit to guarantee the high laminating speed with low noise.
9. Pneumatic Pressure System: fully pneumatic system to control the laminating pressure, the pressure would highly uniform and easy to adjust.
10.Man-Machine Interface System: Advanced 10inch color screen with PLC system make the operation easy and convenient.
11. Automatic tension system: The machine comes with auto tension system to control the jumbo materials. And adopts independent tension system for film roll.
12. Rewinder: Thicken machine body to support big rolls and make sure the rewinding materials roll edge flat and smooth
13.Dance roll: displacement sensor to control the whole traction section
14.Label insert system: Auto label insert with counting
15.Auto stacker: auto stacker device that could collect cut sheets automatically with auto lifting as height of paper pile.

1. Shaftless with Hydraulic Lifting
Shaftless unwinder system that easy for loading and unloading jumbo roll and load-bearing 2000kg big roll.
Hydraulic moving and lifting system
Magnetic powder tension control system
2. Web guide system
Machine adopts ultrasonic web guide system
3. Slitting function (three knives)
Three slitting blades that can move anywhere as requirements.
Waste materials blowing system
4.Dance roll
Encode system with displacement sensor to control the whole traction section
5. Anti-curve device
Shaftless unwinder suitable for 3inch and 6inch
6.Cutting unit
The cutting blades are under quenching treatment that guarante the  service life
7. Auto Stacker
8. Laminating Unit
Heating roller by electromagnetic heating plus oil heating, double heating systems guarantee the prompt pre-heating and make the temperature to 180℃ and can keep constant temperature in high speed laminating.
Pressure rubber roller controlled by fully pneumatic system, the pressure would highly uniform and easy to adjust without bubbles、spots or wrinkle.
9. Drying system
Special design IR lamps set inside of drying roll, that make the glue drying fast but with low power consumption.
Blowing fans plus exhaust fan recycle the hot air and energy saving
Teflon coating surface to uniform the temperature and glue Sticking prevention that easy for cleaning and maintain
10. Film Unwinding
Install air shaft for film unwinding with auto tension controller. Special design for big diameter film roll and the roll can be adjusted to right and left..
11. Waste Film Slitting and Rewinding
Moveable waste film rewinding to modify the jumbo film width that can fit for paper sheet size.
12. Three rows chain with synchronous belt driving system
For the main laminating part adopts three rows chain with synchronous belt driving system, that support machine run in high speed with high precision and low noise.
This structure also support machine run in long time but keep stability.
13. Fully Pneumatic laminating pressure system
The machine use pneumatic pressure for laminating pressure that would guarantee laminating effect, also have sensitive pressure adjustment and keep machine running in clean condition.



Max. width


Working speed


Paper thickness


Total power


Diameter of unwinding


Cutting Length


Cutting Speed


Accuracy Of Cutting


Overall dimension


Machine weight


Case One: Sticker paper sheets
Our a Vietnam customer,who import self adhesive paper/sticker paper from China.They have many different width rolls from 300mm to 700mm. They must cut roll to customize length sheets according their customers requirements. So our SCL-800 model machine is their best choice.

Case Two: Shopping paper bags
The rolls feeding type paper bags making machine become more and more popular,but there are still many paper bags manufacturer using paper bags making machine with sheets feeder unit. They need cut paper sheets after printing their paper rolls. The SCL model machine can add color tracking sensor to detect printing mark in the paper to improve cutting precision. It is widely used in the paper bags and similar after printing processing.

Case Three: Plastic film
The SCL series machine not only can cut paper roll to sheets,but also work for cutting plastic film,such as pp,pvc,pet thick plastic roll material. It has used in many sheets products manufacturing,such as cut pp roll material to sheets for files covers and notebooks covers,make x-ray film for medical,or make pet sheets for face cover,touch screen protectors.

Case Four: Blue drawing paper
The SCL series machine have slitting knives unit. Machine can output different width sheets at one time by adjusting the slitting knives width. For the length,you can set cutting length in the touch screen. By the function,you can get any customize size paper sheets according your orders. We have some customers using it to cut blue drawing paper sheets,art paper sheets,pvc film and so on customize size sheets products.




Case One
BINBAO SCT series paper roll to sheets cutting machine in our customer factory
The customer factory located in Indonesia,who is the one of the largest containers labels manufacturers in the world. They purchased three sets equipment from our company,label sticker slitting machine,paper sheets cutting machine and labels die cutting machine.


Case Two
BINBAO SCL series paper roll to sheets cutting machine in our customer factory
The series machine have perfect performance of cutting thin and slip paper roll material into customize size. As a large food packaging and disposable products manufacturer,the customer purchase two sets this model machine at one time. It mostly used to cut specific hamburger/sandwich wrapping paper sheets.Stable running speed can reach 120cuts per minute.


Case Three
BINBAO SCL series machine use to cut aluminum foil sheets in our customer factory
We mainly focus on the paper roll material cutting machine,but our machine also can cut some plastic and foil material in some specific cases.In the printing and packaging industry,the plastic sheets have large market demand,such as using to make book cover,medical film,decorate products and so on. Foil can use to wrap some food which have high requirements of keeping fresh.


Case Four
BINBAO SC-A4 series machine designed to cut A4 size paper sheets for making copy paper reams in our Sri Lanka customer factory
This series machine can link with automatic A4 reams wrapping machine to be a full automatic production line for copy paper reams producing. It is a middle level capacity machine which is a best choice for the business beginner or small scale manufacturers. 



Case Five

This SCL-1400 paper roll to sheets cutting machine is serving a finished packaging paper products factory in Mexico. In the pictures and video below, we can see the customer using our paper roll sheeter cutter machine to cut the wrapping paper for burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches and more. The cut food wrapping paper is manually packaged.
In addition to cutting food packaging paper, SCL-series paper roll to sheets cross cutting machines can also cut wax paper, grease proof paper, A4 copy paper, self-adhesive label paper, baking tin foil,butcher paper,baking paper sheets and other products.



1.What material the paper cutting machine knife use?
Answer: We adopt Germany importing tungsten steel as our cross cutting knife material. It is enough hard and sharp. You just need sharpen one time per year if you cut normal thickness material.

2.Can the machine really well work for light weight paper rolls?
Answer: Of course,our machine perfect cut light weight paper rolls.

3.Can you add slitting knives unit in the machine?
Answer: Yes,we can have a slitting knives unit to cut paper roll to multi sheets at one time. For example,you can cut 1050mm width paper to 210mm*5 sheets at one cutting time.

4.My paper have very strong static. How do you solve the problem?
Answer: Our machine have installed multi sets static eliminator equipment according your material static level.

5.I am a manufacture of in mold label. We have very high requirements of cutting precision. What is the minimum cutting error of your machine?
Answer: Our normal standard model machine can reach ±0.2mm precision. But we also can make printed plastic film sheets cutting machine with more higher precision for in mold label and cigarette box.

6.I have some customize requirements for our products processing? Can you help me?
Answer: We have a professional designers team to provide solutions for customize requirements.Welcome to contact us and discuss your new ideas.

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