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BINBAO SLB Release Linear Paper Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine For Sticker Paper Self Adhesive Paper Manufacturing

This series paper slitting rewinding machine designed to make narrow width paper rolls(width less than 20mm). It is widely used for paper drinking straw,light weight packaging/wrapping paper rolls,special food grade packaging roll material and so on.

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SLB-series Paper Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine
Usage:This series paper slitting rewinding machine designed to make narrow width paper rolls(width less than 20mm). It is widely used for paper drinking straw,light weight packaging/wrapping paper rolls,special food grade packaging roll material and so on.

1.The machine body adopt 60mm thickness high quality steel plate.This ensures that the machine avoids shaking when running at high speed, thereby improving the accuracy of paper rolls slitting.
2.The machine has three servo motors, which are used for the transmission of materials and the winding after slitting.
3.SIEMENS PLC,it have an intelligent operating program system with many function,automatic counting meter,automatic stop as setting winding meters,emergence stop and so on.
4.Automatic tension control. The machine can automatically measure the diameter of the mother roll and automatically adjust the output tension.
5.Hydraulic lifter unwinding structure make the jumbo rolls loading more easily and save labor.
6.The rewinding shafts are rotate,which easy to unloading finished small rolls
7.The rewinding type adopt the center and surface type,the rewinding rolls will run with tthe rewinding shaft ,also close to the center roller. This type design can well control the tension.
8.The web guider system automatic detect the web edge and adjust position,which can improve the accuracy.
9.Slitting knife shafts can be take out of machine. Due to make small width rolls,the model slitting machine have many knives. So this type knife shaft can be easily adjust and change knives.

Control PannelFrequency Convertor
Control PannelFrequency Convertor
Knife GuidewayRewinding Shaft
Knife GuidewayRewinding Shaft
Servo MotorShaft-less Lifter 2
Servo MotorShaft-less Lifter 2
Shaft-less LifterSlitting Knife
Shaft-less LifterSlitting Surface

Binbao Machinery SLB series paper slitting rewinding machine adopt the center and surface type structure.During winding&slitting,the finished rolls always run and lean on the center silver roller.This structure makes rewinding narrow rolls stable and not loose.The rewinding rolls quality is very perfect even though we cut paper jumbo roll into less than 10mm width narrow rolls. It is an important equipment for manufacturing paper drinking straws and making packaging rolls material for wrapping long items,such as disposable chopsticks, disposable spoons and so on.

插图-1 After slitting rewinding paper strip rolls in the machine插图-2 Paper Rolls Leaning On Center Silver Rolls
After slitting rewinding paper strip rolls in the machine
Paper Rolls Leaning On Center Silver Rolls

What material is the slitting knives made of?
All our paper roll slitting rewinding machine adopt international brand high speed steel material to make slitting knives.The slitter of this material is sharper, more durable, and has a very metallic appearance.

插图-3 High speed steel slitting knives

High speed steel slitting knives

How can I arrange slitting knives in the knife shaft?
There are two type slitting knives structure. More than 15mm thickness slitting knives can locked in the shaft by the screws. Less than 15mm thickness knives be called mold knives which arranged in the shaft one by one. The spacers and covers used to lock knives in the two side end of shaft by screw thread.
How to change slitting knives to get various width narrow finished rolls?
Normally,the SLB series paper slitting rewinding machine user has to make various width narrow rolls for their products forming. In order to save changing knives time,our machine slitting knives shaft can be easily uninstall and take out of machine. If you need make many different width rolls,you had better to buy extra shafts for arranging different with slitting knives in the shaft in advance. The the processing of changing knives become easily and short time.

插图-4 Slitting Knives arranged in the spare shaft

Slitting Knives arranged in the spare shaft

So many finished paper rolls in the rewinding shaft. How to unload them?
The rewinding shaft can open in the one end side and rotate to out of machine. Operator can easily unload finished rolls.

插图-5 Unloading finished slitting strip rolls插图-6 Finished slitting rewinding paper rolls
Unloading finished slitting strip rollsFinished slitting rewinding paper rolls

How to load paper jumbo roll in the machine?
The model machine has two options of paper jumbo roll unwinding stand,air expanding shaft type and hydraulic shaft less type. If you want to know how they work,please contact our sales team to get their working videos.

插图-7 Shaft-less unwinding stand for SLB mod插图-8 Air expanding shaft unwinding stand for SLB slitting rewinding machine
Shaft-less unwinding stand for SLB mod Air expanding shaft unwinding stand for SLB slitting rewinding machine

How the machine control the unwinding jumbo roll tension?
Binbao machinery paper slitting rewinding machine adopt magnetic powder brake,pneumatic brake and motor to control jumbo roll unwinding tension. As the technical trend,more and more machine adopt the motor tension control way. But considering the cost,there still many customer hope to use brake to control tension.

插图-11 Motor control unwinding tension

Motor control unwinding tension

插图-9 magnetic powder brake插图-10 Pneumatic brake
magnetic powder brakePneumatic brake

Does the machine have EPC system?
Yes,all our machine have the edge position correcting system. The ultrasonic sensor or CCD sensor detect web edge position and automatic correct feeding web position. The function can dramatically improve machine slitting cutting precision. We have rich experience of adopting E+L,BST and so on famous international brand EPC system.

插图-12 Ultrasonic sensor of EPC system插图-13 EPC control pannel
Ultrasonic sensor of EPC systemEPC control pannel

Model Name

 SLB series

Mother Roll Width(Max)


Mother Roll Diameter(Max)

1400mm(1600mm optional)

Mother Roll Weight Capacity

1400kg(2000kg optional)

Rewinding Rolls Diameter(Max)


Rewinding Rolls Width(Min)


Paper Core Size

3inch(customize available)

Thickness Range


Cutting Precision




Case-1:Paper Drinking Straw Manufacturing
The paper drinking straw is very more and more popular and large market demand in the worldwide under the plastic products banning. The paper drinking straw manufacturing processing is similar with paper tube. It consist of three layers of paper.So you must feed three different width rolls into the straw forming machine to make paper straw. Our the model paper slitting machine can make small width paper rolls for manufacturing paper straws(width can less than to 5mm).

Case-2: Insulation paper tape/Anti-rust paper tape
The insulation paper tape and anti-rust paper tape normal have small width rolls type. Manufacturing these products,you must have a set jumbo roll slitting machine with center and surface rewinding structure.

Case-3: Cigarette/Tobacco paper rolls or tipping paper rolls for rolling
In addition to books and packaging, the product with the largest amount of paper should be cigarettes. Fully automatic cigarette making machines also need to use very narrow paper rolls (between 20-30mm in width). So our slitting machine is favored by many cigarette paper mills. They use our slitting machine to process large rolls of paper to meet the requirements of cigarette rolling machines.




1.How much minimum width paper roll your machine can cut and wind?
Answer: It is really difficult to cut and wind narrow width paper roll in a paper slitting rewinding machine. Our machine structure perfect to work for narrow width paper rolls(minimum can be 5mm)
2.We are manufacturer of liner paper for self adhesive paper and silicon coated food wrapping paper. The material is very slip and difficult to be rewinding into narrow width rolls. How do you solve the problem?
Answer: We have provide solutions to many similar material manufacturer customers. The reasonable structure and control system of our machine can prevent the material from slipping.
3.Our paper rolls are printed by the flexible printing machine.Can your machine web guider to detect the printing mark line in the edge and trim the edge?
Answer: Yes,we can use CCD type sensor which have a camera to detect the printing line.Beside,our machine can trim and blow the waste edge out of machine.
4.I am a supplier of printing and packaging material&equipment in Europe. Do you have CE certification for the model machine?
Answer:All our slitting machine models have SGS certificated CE
5.I have some customize requirements for our products processing? Can you help me?
Answer: We have a professional designers team to provide solutions for customize requirements.Welcome to contact us and discuss your new ideas.

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