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SLD Model Frame Type Paper Jumbo Roll Slitting And Rewinding Machine

SLD series model slitting and rewinding machine is our flagship model of Binbao Machinery. It is the most automated, fastest and most widely used of all our slitting and rewinding machines. It is equipped with 5 sets of Siemens motors, German E+L brand edge positioning correction system, Siemens PLC and other internationally renowned brands of electrical control systems. The stable running speed reaches 500 meters per minute, which can perfectly slit and rewind 15-500gsm paper jumbo rolls into narrow width rolls

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The SLD model is particularly suitable for processing webs with a width of more than 2000 mm. Therefore, it is used in a large number of paper mills, paper converting plants, and roll slitting service providers. In addition, many paper product manufacturers such as paper bags, paper cups, paper tubes, etc. also need to use SLD type slitter rewinder. It is widely used in the field of printing and paper product packaging.


1 SLD Paper slitting machine unwinder

SLD Paper slitting machine unwinder

2 SLD Paper slitting machine unwinder air chuck3 Slitting machine unwinding tension control by motor
 SLD Paper slitting machine unwinder air chuck
Slitting machine unwinding tension control by motor

Unwinding stand: SLD series paper slitter rewinder machine adopt the hydraulic control unwinding stand,which can easily pick up 2000kg weight and 1600mm diameter jumbo rolls. Unwinding tension was controlled by two sets Siemens motors together.

6 Automatic unloading finished rolls

Automatic unloading finished rolls

4 Finished rewinding rolls5 Finished rewinding rolls surface
 Finished rewinding rollsFinished rewinding rolls surface

Rewinding UnitRewinding shafts are leaf type air inflating shafts. Two sets motors drive rewinding shafts and output reasonable tension to get high quality finished rewinding rolls. Cutting surface is smooth and no wrinkles.Finished rolls can be automatic unloaded to save operating labors.

9 upper slitting knives shaft in SLD model machine

upper slitting knives shaft in SLD model machine

7 Round slitting knives8 Slitting knives was made of high speed alloy steel
Round slitting knives Slitting knives was made of high speed alloy steel

Slitting knives: The slitting knives shaft diameter is 100mm. It is enough strong to hold knives and avoid trembling during machine running. Therefore, the cutting accuracy is very high.One end of the shaft is fixed, and the other end is rotatable. This design makes it very easy to replace the slitting knives.The slitting knife is made of high-speed alloy steel. It has the characteristics of high precision and durability.

10 EPC system control panel11 EPC system sensor
EPC system control panelEPC system sensor

EPC System:  The system is automatic web edge position correction system. It includes edge detector sensor,control panel and driver motor. The system was made by famous web edge control system supplier Erhardt+Leimer company. The high sensitivity system always quickly automatic adjust the web edge position.

12 Touch ScreenSLD slitting machine operating table
 Touch ScreenSLD slitting machine operating table

Operating table:The machine has an independent operating table with a large-size operating screen. The console integrates various control switches of the machine.

14 constant tension system with cylinder and damper in the paper slitting machine15 paper slitting machine constant tension control system
constant tension system cylinder and damper in the slitting machine
paper slitting machine constant tension control system

Constant tension system:The system consists of aluminum rollers and two sets of cylinders. One set of cylinders is equipped with damping sensors. The air cylinder outputs the corresponding air pressure according to the signal of the damper, so as to adjust the position of the aluminum roller. With such a system, the tension of the paper during transport can be kept constant at all times.

Why you need a set SLD-series paper jumbo roll slitter rewinder machine?

Answer: If you are director and owner of the paper converting companies,printing house or paper roll processing factories,you must want to process more large width jumbo roll. The SLD series paper slitter rewinder machine is an ideal equipment to reach the requirement. The gantry structure ensure that machine can stable slit and rewind more than 2000mm width paper jumbo rolls. The maximum width machine is 3000mm in the series machine.


My paper jumbo rolls have various inner diameter core. Can SLD-series machine pick up different inner diameter core jumbo rolls ?

Answer: Yes, the unwinding stand has multi size air chucks for fitting various inner diameter cores,such as 3 inch,6 inch,12 inch or other customize size. Our machine chucks adopt the mechanical structure to fix the paper jumbo rolls during machine running.

Hydraulic control air chucks
3 size chucks in one

What are the advantages of the unwinding stand in the SLD series paper slitting rewinding machine?
Answer:Our unwinding stand itself weighs more than 4 tons. When it is loaded with jumbo paper rolls and speed reach maximum, it can still remain very stable. The arms in the unwinding stand are controlled by hydraulic cylinders,which have enough power to pick up 3000kg weight paper rolls and 1600mm diameter rolls.


Do you have the paper web automatic threading system as option?
Answer: Yes,we have the automatic system for easily threading paper web in our machine. Please contact with our sales to get details.

How the machine control the unwinding tension?
Answer:About of the unwinding tension control,we have three options,magnetic powder brake,pneumatic brake,and servo motors. The motors control tension system is the most sensitive and stable. But there also has advantages of controlling tension by the brake. If you want to knwo which type tension controlling system is better for your material,please contact with our sales teams.



magnetic powder brake
pneumatic brake

Does the model machine have banana roller?
Answer: The banana roller used to spread paper web to eliminate the wrinkles in the paper. Normally,we will install the rollers for customer who mainly convert thin paper rolls. It is very important to tell your material characteristics and details requirements to our sales.

How to adjust the knives to get various slitting width?

Answer: The SLD series machine slitting unit include upper knife and bottom knife. Both of them are freely moved in the knife shafts. Don’t need take the knife shafts out of machine,operators can easily to install and uninstall slitting knives into the shafts. Because the upper and bottom knife shaft can open their end to offer a gap for installing knives.


The upper slitting knife shaft be opened and rotate to out of machine

Model Name

SLD Series

Mother Roll Width(Max)


Mother Roll Diameter(Max)

1600mm(customize available)

Mother Roll Weight Capacity


Rewinding Rolls Diameter(Max)


Rewinding Rolls Width(Min)


Paper Core Size

3-6-12inch(customize available)

Paper Rolls GSM Range


Cutting Precision




Total power

Depend on machine width

Case-1:Paper Cups And Paper Bowls And Paper Lid Manufacturing
The model paper slitting rewinding machines widely used in paper disposable containers manufacturers factory. The paper cups,paper bowls forming machine need feed bottom reels to make these products. The machine can well cut jumbo paper rolls into narrow width rolls(maximum diameter can be 1000mm). Paper lid processing also need feeding specific width roll feeding into the forming machine.

Case-2:Paper Bags Manufacturing
Paper bags normal adopt the kraft paper or coated grease proof paper. Our slitting rewinding machine can cut these types paper stock roll into customize width paper rolls,which will feed into paper bags forming machine. But there still many paper bags manufacturer use sheet-feeding paper bags forming machine for some types paper bags. In these manufacturer factory,the paper slitting rewinding machine use to convert after printing paper rolls.

Case-3:Paper Tube & Paper Can
Paper tube is an indispensable tool in the paper product industry. The machine that produces paper tube also needs to input small paper rolls of different widths. These inputting small paper rolls width depend on the how much diameter paper tube you want to make. Therefore, we must cut the paper jumbo roll into small rolls of different widths to meet the paper tube production requirements. Making paper can processing are similar with the paper tube manufacturing.


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