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SLD-Pro High Precision Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine For Label Industry

The SLD-pro series slitter rewinder machine was developed and upgraded on the basis of the SLD model slitter rewinder machine. It has more higher stable running speed,more labor saving unloading system,more intelligent controlling system,and more reasonable structure for cutting self adhesive label paper,release liner,thermal coated material and so on products. It can meet high tension control requirements of uneven coating material,slip material.

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The SLD-pro slitter rewinder machine very well service label industry and food packaging industry,such as self adhesive paper,semi-glossine paper,release liner paper,release liner film and so on. Excellent structure and control system can perfectly meet various label industry roll material slitting and rewinding converting demand.

1. Stable production running speed of 600-800 meters per minute, significantly increasing daily production capacity.
2. Finished rolls diameter up to 1200mm, suitable for large rolls material slitting and rewinding, reducing the number of mother rolls changes.
3. The slitting end surface is flat, no annual pattern, and the finished product has high value, which improves the added value of the product.
4. Automatic unloading of finished products, packing convenience, improve production efficiency and save labor expenses.
5. Intelligent control system, simple operation, easy to train operators.

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Model Name


Mother Roll Width(Max)


Mother Roll Diameter(Max)

1600mm(customize available)

Mother Roll Weight Capacity


Rewinding Rolls Diameter(Max)


Rewinding Rolls Width(Min)


Paper Core Size

3inch(customize available)

Paper Rolls GSM Range


Cutting Precision


Speed(stable running)


Case-1:Paper Cups And Paper Bowls And Paper Lid Manufacturing
The model paper slitting rewinding machines widely used in paper disposable containers manufacturers factory. The paper cups,paper bowls forming machine need feed bottom reels to make these products. The machine can well cut jumbo paper rolls into narrow width rolls(maximum diameter can be 1000mm). Paper lid processing also need feeding specific width roll feeding into the forming machine.

Case-2:Paper Bags Manufacturing
Paper bags normal adopt the kraft paper or coated grease proof paper. Our slitting rewinding machine can cut these types paper stock roll into customize width paper rolls,which will feed into paper bags forming machine. But there still many paper bags manufacturer use sheet-feeding paper bags forming machine for some types paper bags. In these manufacturer factory,the paper slitting rewinding machine use to convert after printing paper rolls.

Case-3:Paper Tube & Paper Can
Paper tube is an indispensable tool in the paper product industry. The machine that produces paper tube also needs to input small paper rolls of different widths. These inputting small paper rolls width depend on the how much diameter paper tube you want to make. Therefore, we must cut the paper jumbo roll into small rolls of different widths to meet the paper tube production requirements. Making paper can processing are similar with the paper tube manufacturing.


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