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SLR-Series Paper Jumbo Roll Slitting Winding Machine

The SLR-series machine is a paper slitting winding machine for paper converting industry. It is used to slit large width paper jumbo roll into narrow width rolls. Paper mills and paper roll converting service companies need the machine to convert jumbo roll into various size paper rolls for selling  and easily delivery to customers.In the paper packaging products industry,it also be widely used to slit paper rolls into small width rolls which can feed into paper packaging products forming machine.

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1.The machine body adopt 40 thickness high quality steel plate.This ensures that the machine avoids shaking when running at high speed, thereby improving the accuracy of paper rolls slitting.
2.The machine has two servo motors, which are used for the transmission of materials and the rewinding shaft.
3.SIEMENS PLC,it have an intelligent operating program system with many functions,automatic counting meter,automatic stop as setting winding meters,emergence stop and so on.
4.Automatic tension control. The machine can automatically measure the diameter of the mother roll and automatically adjust the output tension.
5.Hydraulic lifter unwinding structure make the jumbo rolls loading more easily and save labor.
6.The finished rolls will automatically unload to the ground.
7.The web guider system automatic detect the web edge and adjust position,which can improve the accuracy.
8.Slitting knife installing in the backside of machine,the design makes it more convenient to adjust the knife.

Slitting knives:High speed steel material be adopt to make the machine slitting knives. It is sharp and durable. They were installed in the backside of machine. Operators can easy to adjust the slitting knives to get various width finished rolls.
Touch Screen:The machine adopt Germany brand PCL control. The intelligent operating system can improve your working efficient. You can easy to set parameter and check machine working dates in the touch screen.
Splicing table:When you load new paper jumbo roll in the unwinding stand,the splicing table give you a platform to easily connect the new paper web with old paper roll.
Unwinding stand:The unwinding stand equip with two strong arms which were controlled by hydraulic cylinder. It can pick up 1600mm diameter jumbo roll. The base of unwinding stand is very strong. More than 3000kg paper jumbo roll can be stable loaded in the unwinding stand.
Banana Roller:The banana roller has curling surface.It can spread paper web and remove wrinkle in the paper. When you convert thin and light weight paper rolls,It is an indispensable part.
Easy unloading rolls: The model slitting rewinding machine can get 1500mm diameter rolls. It is difficult to unload so large rolls by manual. We have automatic unloading system. The rewinding shaft can be controlled by cylinder and moved all finished rolls on the ground.

Banana RollerEasy unloading rolls
Banana Roller
Easy unloading rolls
Finished Winding RollsSlitting Knives
Finished Winding RollsSlitting Knives
Splicing TableTouch Screen
Splicing Table
Touch Screen
Unwinding Stands
Unwinding Stands

Why choose Binbao Machine paper jumbo roll slitting winding machine?

Binbao machinery is a professional manufacturer of paper slitting rewinding machine,paper roll to sheets cutting sheeting machine. We only focus on manufacturing these two machines with various functions for different material converting. We have more rich experience of converting various material and provide best solution to you. All sales and technical engineer in Binbao machine are graduated from famous university in China. Professional technical knowledge and English communication skill ensure that we can provide best consultant and after sales service. If you need special processing function in the slitting machine,our engineer teams can provide support to make customize machine to you according your real manufacturing demanding.

 Binbao SLA-1600 Model Machine In Chile Customer Site

What is paper slitting rewinding machine? What benefit you can get from the machine?

The SLR series slitting winding machine is a pre-press and post-press equipment that cuts a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into 3-5 rolls with different widths. It is often used in paper mill and paper converting service factories. For paper rolls processing and converting companies,our high speed and multi function paper slitting winding machine can help them to dramatically increase the producing capacity and efficient. The model paper slitting winding machine can work for 20-500gsm paper rolls,special for light weight coated paper processing.For paper packaging products manufacturer,the machine can help you convert jumbo paper rolls into various width narrow rolls according your producing demanding. It not only help you save the cost of converting,but also you can more flexible to adjust your paper rolls in your warehouse. In some coating workshop and printing workshop,you can’t get good tension finished rolls in coating machine and flexible printing machine(very loose finished rolls),the machine can unwinding roll and rewinding rolls to get good tension tight finished rolls(also can trim the edge during rewinding).

插图1-FJ Series Paper Slitting Winding Machine
插图2-Finished Winding Rolls

What kind of paper can this machine convert?

The SLR-series can perfect convert paper&board from 15 to 500 gram. Processing low gsm paper(light weight paper) is SLR-series slitting winding machine advantage,such as mg tissue paper,baking paper,single&double side silicon coated paper,wax paper and so on special paper for wrapping products,food.

What structure the SLR series paper roll slitting winding machine adopt?

Binbao SLR series machine include two parts,unwinding stand and main machine(for slitting and winding). The unwinding stand is separate with slitting winding unit. Slitting knives was installed in the backside of machine,which is convenient to adjust slitting knives. It has one rewinding shaft which was controlled by independent motor. Another motor was used to transport paper web.

插图3 Layout Drawing

Which type slitting knives SLR series slitting rewinding machine adopt?

There are two common types slitting knives on the slitting rewinding machine market,razor blade knife and circle(round) blade knife.Classified by structure, Circle blade knives are common used to cut paper material,razor blade for film material. Our SLR series machine adopt the mechanical round blade knife and pneumatic structure knife. Its blade was made by high quality importing high speed alloy steel. This type knife holder is easy to change blade and adjust in the shaft to get various slitting width.

插图5 Slitting Knives blade
插图6 Slitting Knives

Can we slit paper jumbo roll into more than 5 rolls in the SLR series slitting winding machine?

No,you can’t. Because the series machine has only one rewinding shaft.The maximum finished rolls quantity is 5 rolls.SLR series machine mainly work for light weight paper,if rewinding too many rolls in one shaft,they will stalking each other during rewinding.

How to unload so large finished paper rolls?

Our SLR series machine can make 1500mm diameter jumbo paper rolls in the rewinding shaft. Our rewinding shaft be controlled by cylinder. Finished rolls can be placed on the ground.

插图7 finished rolls
插图8 Finished roll

How the SLR series machine to transport paper web?

Machine has two motor,one for controlling rewinding shaft,another one for driving nip rollers. The nip rollers be driven by motor and transport paper web into machine.

插图9 Nip Roller
插图10 Paper Unwinding

What are the advantages of SLR model machine unwinding stands?

The series slitting rewinding machine unwinding stand adopts an integrated steel frame, and the base weight exceeds 1500kg. As we all know, the heavier the base make the paper jumbo roll unwinding with more stable and the less fluctuations.The unwinding more stable,the finished rolls slitting surface more flat and high precision. Beside,the unwinding stand has two strong arms controlled by the oil hydraulic cylinder. The arms can easily to lift up weight maximum 1600kg and maximum 1500mm diameter jumbo roll. The two strong arms be fixed on the linear guide,so that paper jumbo roll can move up, down, left and right accurately. The paper core chucks are optional,mechanical type and air expanding type.



How is our slitting rewinding machine manufactured?

After obtaining the customer's order, our design department will review the customer's needs and draw the drawings. The mechanical structure parts on the machine are manufactured by ourselves. In order to ensure the accuracy of parts processing, we purchased three CNC machining centers imported from Germany. Electrical and pneumatic accessories are manufactured by well-known companies. Throughout the production process, our QA and QC departments strictly inspect the accuracy and quality of accessories in accordance with company standards. The assembly of the machine is done by our experienced senior mechanical engineers.


What is the difference between our after-sales service and others?

As an international slitting machine manufacturer,we provide full sets English version machine manual book,circuit diagram, mechanical structure diagram. Our after sales service engineers also can speak English and easily communicate with customers’ operators.We have recorded a large number of machine operation videos. They are simple and easy to understand, and can help customers' machine operators quickly get familiar with the machine and start working.All the machines we produce can be connected to the Internet, and our technical team can remotely check system failures, set parameters and other services for customers

Model Name


Mother Roll Width(Max)


Mother Roll Diameter(Max)

1400mm(1600mm optional)

Mother Roll Weight Capacity

1400kg(2000kg optional)

Rewinding Rolls Diameter(Max)

1400mm(1600mm optional)

Rewinding Rolls Width(Min)


Paper Core Size

3inch(customize available)

Thickness Range


Cutting Precision




Case-1:Paper Cups And Paper Bowls And Paper Lid Manufacturing
The model paper slitting rewinding machines widely used in paper disposable containers manufacturers factory. The paper cups,paper bowls forming machine need feed bottom reels to make these products. The machine can well cut jumbo paper rolls into narrow width rolls(maximum diameter can be 1000mm). Paper lid processing also need feeding specific width roll feeding into the forming machine.

Case-2:Paper Bags Manufacturing
Paper bags normal adopt the kraft paper or coated grease proof paper. Our slitting rewinding machine can cut these types paper stock roll into customize width paper rolls,which will feed into paper bags forming machine. But there still many paper bags manufacturer use sheet-feeding paper bags forming machine for some types paper bags. In these manufacturer factory,the paper slitting rewinding machine use to convert after printing paper rolls.

Case-3:Paper Tube & Paper Can
Paper tube is an indispensable tool in the paper product industry. The machine that produces paper tube also needs to input small paper rolls of different widths. These inputting small paper rolls width depend on the how much diameter paper tube you want to make. Therefore, we must cut the paper jumbo roll into small rolls of different widths to meet the paper tube production requirements. Making paper can processing are similar with the paper tube manufacturing.




Brand new Binbao machienry SLR model paper slitter rewinder machine was installed in Vietanm. The machine will work in a new bread paper bags manufacturing production.

BINBAO SLA series paper slitting rewinding machine running in our packaging material rolls manufacturer customer factory.
The model paper slitting rewinding machine perfect work for cutting and winding jumbo rolls for printing and packaging material.Our this customer make packaging material rolls for alcohol wipes,coffee sugar,and so on. They brought four sets our different model slitting machine for their processing.


BINBAO SLA series paper slitting rewinding machine running in our valve paper bags manufacturer customer factory
When we visited the customer factory again,they had purchased our this model machine 4 years. It looks very old,but still can work well in their production line. They only manufacture the valve type paper pp bags for powders products packaging,such as sugar powder,flour,cement and so on. We visited them to discuss extra 3 sets slitting machine purchasing plan.


BINBAO SLA series paper slitting rewinding machine running in our airline garbage paper bags manufacturer customer factory
Airlines have very high requirements for product quality, and our customers have the same requirements for our machines. In addition, they also appreciate our high-quality after-sales service. Because ensuring the stable operation of their machines is helping them to increase production capacity.



Our Kazakh customer happily took a group photo with the paper slitting machine and paper roll to sheets cutting machine that have been installed and debugged.


As an important country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan has developed rapidly in light industry. In particular, the demand for disposable paper packaging such as paper cups and paper bags has increased sharply. Our Kazakhstan customer purchased a high-speed paper jumbo slitting machine, a roll to sheets cutting machine, and a fully automatic paper bag production line this time. They have more than ten years of experience in the paper product packaging industry, and they updated their equipment this time because they can't wait to increase production capacity. Even if we cannot go to the site to provide customers with installation and commissioning services, the customers still choose to trust us and place an paper slitting machine and paper sheets cutting machine order for us for three machines at one time.

SCL-1400 Model Working Videos In Kazakhstan Customer Site

SLA-1600 Model Slitting Rewinding Machine In Kazakhstan Customer Site

After the customer received these machines, we provided the operation manual, machine layout diagram, circuit diagram and other related documents of slitting machine and sheets cutting machine. Our after-sales service team provides online installation and commissioning services, patiently answering every question from customers. In just one week, the machine was installed and debugged, and the machine is currently in normal production.
We believe that our paper roll slitting machine and paper cross-cutting machine will greatly improve production efficiency for customers. Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared to purchase equipment in advance to increase production capacity and prepare for a major market outbreak after the epidemic is over.

SCL-1400 Model Working Videos In Kazakhstan Customer Site

1.How much minimum gsm(grams per square meter) paper roll your machine can cut?
Answer: It is really difficult to cut and wind thin paper roll in a paper slitting rewinding machine. Our machine structure perfect to work in the thin paper jumbo roll converting(minimum 18gsm paper)
2.We are manufacturer of liner paper for self adhesive paper and silicon coated food wrapping paper. The material is very slip and difficult to be rewinding into narrow width rolls. How do you solve the problem?
Answer: We have provide solutions to many similar material manufacturer customers. The reasonable structure and control system of our machine can prevent the material from slipping.
3.Our paper rolls are printed by the flexible printing machine.Can your machine web guider to detect the printing mark line in the edge and trim the edge?
Answer: Yes,we can use CCD type sensor which have a camera to detect the printing line.Beside,our machine can trim and blow the waste edge out of machine.
4.I am a supplier of printing and packaging material&equipment in Europe. Do you have CE certification for the model machine?
Answer:All our slitting machine models have SGS certificated CE.
5.I have some customize requirements for our products processing? Can you help me?
Answer: We have a professional designers team to provide solutions for customize requirements.Welcome to contact us and discuss your new ideas.

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