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The SCA4 series machines specifically designed to cut paper roll into A4 size paper sheets,mainly used to make office A4 copy paper reams.The series has different model with different capacity to meet customer capacity requirements. The capacity is middle level,which suitable to the beginner or small scale business.

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1.Machine Rack: The machine rack adopt Shanghai BaoSteel company as steel raw material. 16mm thickness machine body wall make the machine more stronger and running stale.
2.Aluminum Rollers: All aluminum rolls installed in the machine,which are being dynamic balance testing. Material can smoothly move in these rollers without any scratching.
3.PU-Rollers: The PU rollers are high abrasive resistance,which can insure machine feeding precision.
4.Cylinder Lifter: The jumbo roll material can be easy lift up by the cylinder from the ground. Save labor and easily operating the cutting machine.
5.Motors: The machine adopt one set servo motor and two sets asynchronous motors to drive.It make the machine working with a high level cutting precision(0.2mm error range)
6.Control System: The SCA4 series paper cutting machine adapt intelligent and easy operating control system with Japanese brand PLC. It have automatic counting sheets,automatic stop machine after cutting per batch,automatic detect mother rolls diameter,automatic tension control and so on functions. In the touch screen,you also can check machine working condition parameters.
7.The paper reams are automatic stacking and trimming in the paper sheets collectors.
8.It can connect with automatic reams wrapping machine to get a full production line for A4 ream producing


1.     I am the beginner of the A4 copay paper business. Can you help me?

Answer: Yes,We have a guide book to help you learn the copy paper knowledge. Welcome to leave your contact to us. Our sales team will contact with you and offer guide book to you.

2.     Do you sell paper reels for the industry?

Answer: Actually we are manufacturer of machine. If you need paper rolls supplier,we will help you find some good companies In China.

3.     The machine is full production line,right?

Answer: The series machine are full production line from paper roll to cutting sheets and pack them to reams. But you also can just buy the paper roll to sheets cutting unit in the beginning. Paper cutting machine unit and ream wrapping machine are separately.

4.     Do you have more higher level capacity machine,such as 20 reams per minute?

Answer: Yes,We have.We don’t manufacture high speed production line,but we have good relationship with high capacity machine suppliers. We can help you negotiate with them to get the best solution.

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