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A4 And A3 Office Copy Paper Production Line Success Installed In Pakistan

December 08,2022

There are two sets copy paper production line installed in Pakistan

One set for making A4 size copy paper reams and another set for making legal America size copy paper reams. Binbao machinery sold these two set production line and provide installation service to the Pakistan giant paper mills company.

These copy paper making machine production lines were manufactured by CHM machinery company who are the most famous A4 copy paper production line manufacturer in China. As paper roll converting equipment manufacturer,Binbao also deal CHM A4 copy paper making machine in the worldwide market. Because our professional engineer team can provide better installation and train service to clients.

The client company is a famous and giant paper products manufacturer in Pakistan.

They have very strict service requirements for sales companies. Therefore, our Binbao Machinery won the final order with excellent service ability.

Binbao machinery engaged to help clients to build their A4 copy paper production line to begin the manufacturing in local. In the past ten years,we had help more than 50 companies to make the business. We can provide various capacity copy paper machine for different budget clients.




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