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Binbao Machinery's production capacity has reached 400 units/year

July 04,2023

The Binbao machinery team has no employees, only machinery enthusiasts here.

After more than ten years of development, Binbao Machinery has become the most well-known manufacturer of high-quality roll material cutting and processing equipment in China.the company's production capacity has reached 400 units/year, with an annual sales of more than 10 million dollars.

Wenzhou Binbao Machinery Co.Ltd leads in manufacturing of paper&film jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitting rewinding machine and roll to sheets cutting machine,for printing and packaging products industry. They focus on manufacturing high speed,stable slitter rewinder machine,roll to sheets cutting machine for various material,such as general kraft paper,cardboard,carton paper,white kraft paper,food wrapper paper,low gram weight special paper,cigarette paper,tobacco paper,sandwich paper,hamburger paper,label sticker paper,self adhesive paper and so on. Binbao machinery team mainly develop and build the machinery and the control systems that manage the machinery.Who developed more than 10 series models machine to catch various products manufacturing requirements.

I. Professional sales team

It has a professional sales team can help you easily find the right model to meet your production needs.

They have accumulated a lot of knowledge related to the processing of paper, film, non-woven fabrics and other materials, and put forward reasonable suggestions according to the actual needs of customers.

II.Free technical consultation

Their sales managers provide free technical consultation to customers. They will understand customers' production needs from a professional point of view and provide them with reliable solutions.

They will produce the machines that customers need according to their actual needs.

III.Lifetime service

They provide lifetime service for customers. They have an after-sales service team of more than ten people, providing after-sales service for customers worldwide 7*24 hours, with fast reply and quick solution.

Their experienced after-sales engineers with strong language communication skills are able to provide overseas on-site installation, debugging and training services.

IV.Quality and Certification

The quality of products is the life of a company. Binbao Machinery company adopts advanced production management methods and mechanical processing equipment. They have 4 high-precision machining centers and several quality inspection instruments. As a result, their high quality machinery is certified by SGS with CE certificate.

There are more than 500 manufacturers and converters who are satisfied with sold machines from Binbao machinery in the worldwide.They worked in paper bags, paper cups, paper containers, label industry, flexible packaging, paper convertors and so on.Paper Roll Sheet Machine and Paper Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine have been successfully installed and debugged in various countries around the world, For example,India; Russia; Japan; Kazakh; Barcelona; Spain; Mexico; Indonesia;Germany; Iran; European; Colombia; Macedonia; Serbia; Ethiopia; Vietnam; South Korea; Uzbekistan; Algeria; Egypt; Nigeria; South Africa; Afghanistan; Bangladesh; Iraq; Israel; North Korea; Malaysia; Nepal; Philippines; Turkey; Syria; Belarus etc.

If you want to learn more about paper&film jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitting rewinding machine and roll to sheets cutting machine, please contact us immediately:

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