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How To Choose The Slitting Kinves For Plastic Film Slitter Machine

January 24,2022

Film slitting is very important in film production, and excellent blades are necessary to ensure that film slitting machines can work smoothly. This article will focus on the importance of slitting blades, the types of blades and the characteristics of good blades.
The importance of slitting blades in film production
Film slitting is very important in film production, especially for high-strength films, and when slitting blades are good, they can provide smooth winding and reduce wrinkles.
Because of the presence of friction between the film and the blade, it causes the film to stretch along the slit edge, and in severe cases, the edge of the film looks like the edge of a postage stamp. If this continues to happen during the winding process, the film accumulates at the edge of the roll, creating a speed difference between the edge and the center of the roll. This creates additional problems such as production stops during rewinding and printing.
Poor slitting quality produces plastic powder that adheres to the film and cannot be used in cleanrooms or printing. In addition, poor blades need to be changed more frequently, increasing the risk of blade change operations.
Main types of slitting blades
There are the following types of blades: general-purpose razor blades, standard industrial blades, tinned industrial blades, and special coated blades with a blade thickness of 200μm. Slitting quality depends on the friction between the blade and the film, the smoother the blade, the better the slitting.
Features of excellent slitting blades
The blade has a thin coating, the coating is applied to the ground blade, plus the coating is very hard and plays a protective role when slitting. Excellent blades have the following characteristics.
(1) Safety
Long-life blades mean that you can rarely change blades, which is always a safety risk.
(2) Flat film rolls
①Flat winding
(2) Elimination of wrinkles
(3) Improved lamination yield for printing
(3) Eliminating dust
①Solve the problem of clean room
②Improve printing and laminating output

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