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Investing in A4 projects, how to make a profit?

July 20,2022

From the roll base paper to the boxed A4 copy paper,

In fact, you only need one A4 copy paper production line.

The first manufacturer in China to develop A4 double-roller copy paper production line-CHM, with efficient multi-roll stacking, has successfully taken a step from the roll paper directly. To the first step of copying paper, 300-500 sheets are automatically folded and packed in one go, beautiful, efficient, tidy, and labor-saving

Automatic packing into boxes, realizing automatic packing of packages, A3/A4 universal, saving labor and more efficient

Robotic automatic stacking
A variety of stacking methods, super high stacking height, no need for manpower, just one key, the robot perfectly solves

The monthly output of one production line is 631 tons, which is equivalent to the total weight of 15 Airbus aircraft,

and the monthly gross profit exceeds 730,000. Investing in a production line will pay back the cost in half a year. CHM Intelligent Manufacturing, intelligent and efficient,
CHM fully automatic A4 paper production line, from From roll base paper to box A4, because of intelligence, so efficient

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