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Liquid Packaging Board Are More And More Popular

November 23,2022

Liquid Packaging Board are more popular than any time before.

in Pakistan. Produced in a highly sanitary environment, this board is used for the packaging of milk, juices, and other liquids and is made with extensive care so as to keep consumers safe and healthy.The customized SLD model machine is shorter than standard model. It is designed to slitting and rewinding liquid packaging board.

We got the order from a famous packaging material manufacturer company located in Spain.They asked to reduce the footprint of the machine.Of course, perfect tension control is their core requirement.Therefore, we have improved the winding shaft part of the SLD type slitter rewinder.Compared with the standard SLD model paper jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine , the rewinded rolls on the rewinding shaft are always pressed by the central pressure roller during the machin running. Each rewinding shaft has an independent central pressure roller.















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