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SLA model slitter rewinder machine

April 04,2023

Hello. This is Ives from Binbao machinery. Today I introduce our SLA model slitter rewinder machine to you. It is widely used to cut kraft paper cardboard paper for making paper cups bottom reels paper bags stock paper rolls and so on products. It has top and bottom rewinder shafts for winding minimum 30mm width finished rolls. Maximum rewinding diameter is 1000mm. Stable running speed reach 300 meters per minute.

The unwinder stand adopt shaft less type. These pneumatic chucks can easily pick up paper jumbo roll from the floor.

There are total 3 sets motors in the machine. Two motors drive rewinder shafts. Another one motor drive the rubber roller for feeding material.

Rewinder shafts adopt pneumatic expanding shaft with keys. This type expanding shaft can perfectly transmit torque to reels in the Shaft.

The model machine has Siemens PLC control system. English language is available. And tension control is automatic. You just need input the original tension. Machine will output tension according rewinding diameter.

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