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Significant growth in demand for slitter rewinders in Asian labelstock industry

March 31,2023

According to the latest market research report, Asia has become the world's largest market for printed label materials. In 2022, the size of the Asian label material market has reached 15.9 billion US dollars and 36.5 billion square meters.

The amount and sales of self-adhesive labels are the fastest growing.

In the past five years, the demand for self-adhesive has grown at an annual rate of 8.9%. The growth of the label industry will inevitably lead to an increase in the demand for printing machinery, die-cutting machinery,slitting and rewinding machinery and other machinery in the label industry.

After more than ten years of development, China's self-adhesive label production machinery has continuously won market recognition. The quality of various self-adhesive coating machines and silicone oil coating machines has been continuously improved, and the self-adhesive labels and release paper produced have been recognized by the international market,such as Tianniu Intelligent and NDC hot melt adhesive application system.

Under such a background, the demand for slitting and rewinding of self-adhesive roll materials, thermal paper materials, and release paper roll materials has also increased significantly. In order to meet the needs of the market, Binbao Machinery has continuously improved the slitting and rewinding equipment for self-adhesive and thermal paper raw materials. At present, the rewinding diameter of Binbao Machinery's slitter can reach 1200mm, and the slitting width can reach 1600mm. The stable running speed can reach 400 meters per minute. Stable running speed and convenient unloading structure greatly improve the efficiency of raw material processing.



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