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Slitting Machine Usage And Feature

December 06,2021

Slitting machine is mainly a large width of paper, film, non-woven, aluminum foil, mica tape and other rolls materials into different widths of small volumes of pre-press, post-press equipment, but also can check the quality of the product role.

Slitting machine uses and features in the below

1、Applicable substrates: mica tape, paper, insulation materials and film slitting;
2、Applicable industries: insulating materials, special electrical paper, film-related industries;
3、Applicable process: slitting tray, finished product inspection, finished product slitting roll, process opening.
1、 Unwinding photoelectricity correction, high precision; divided into two grades: manual and automatic;
2、Slitting machines have two kinds of winding way: surface winding and centre winding;
3、 Unwinding tension adopts automatic tension;
4、 Round knife slitting, reliable quality, easy to adjust;
5、 The use of surface centre winding, winding quality is uniform and stable;
6、 Automatic stop for fixed length and automatic meter counting for length;
7、 With edge cutting device, edge material is discharged by fan;
8、 Particularly suitable for slitting of narrow strips (insulation materials, mica strips, films, etc.).

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