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The Knowledge Of Banana Roller

November 27,2021

On our slitter rewinder, we often use a special shape of roller, curved roller(banana rollers). When we need to slit film andpaper materials that produce wrinkles, the banana roller plays a great role. This article will share with you the working principle and scope of application of the banana roller.

Principle of banana roller:

It is mainly composed of curved mandrel, rolling bearing assembly, rubber sleeve, end sleeve, support and adjusting wheel. The arc roller is to bend the shaft into the required arc. The shaft is equipped with bearings at a certain interval, and a rubber sleeve is placed on the bearing to become a roller with an arc shape, and the rubber sleeve can rotate around the bearing. The direction of the arc can be adjusted by the handwheel on the bearing seat. When the rubber sleeve rotates around the bearing, the rubber surface can be expanded and retracted. When the substrate touches the roller surface from the concave arc and moves to the convex arc, only the central part of the curved roller rotates in a direction parallel to the longitudinal direction, while the other points on both sides of the center of the roller surface are It rotates at a certain angle to the longitudinal direction, so that traction on the substrate is generated to both sides, and the substrate can be unfolded and flattened.


1. The line speed is high, the amount of beating is small, and there is no noise.
2. The rotating torque is small, and it can withstand greater pulling force.
3. Good airtightness, waterproof and acid resistance.
4. Safe and durable, easy to install and debug.
5. It has a good spreading and smoothing effect when the substrate is tight in the middle and loose on both sides, or tight on both sides and loose in the middle.
Use range:
The flattening ability is relatively small, and the angle of the substrate wrapping roll should not be too large or the tension is too large, otherwise it is easy to deform the film material, the paper substrate will break, and the cloth substrate will bend linearly. The direction of the arc needs to be adjusted according to the condition of the substrate. Curved flattening rollers are widely used in textile, printing and packaging,paper making industry, film packaging and other industries.
If you don’t know whether you material need banana roller,please contact with our sales team. We will offer best solution of roll to narrow width rolls slitting rewinding machine to you according your products and material specific.

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