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The difference between slitting machine and sheeter machine

February 15,2022

Slitting machine is to cut large width rolls of paper into narrow rolls of different widths, commonly used in paper industry, printing processing industry, food paper products packaging industry. Slitting machine and cross-cutting machine is what we all need,

so we know what are the differences between slitting machine and cross-cutting machine?

Slitting machine is a wide paper, non-woven or film slitting into multiple narrow material machinery and equipment, commonly used in the paper industry, paper products coating processing, laminating film processing. Slitting machine is mainly used in: mica tape, paper, insulation materials and film slitting, especially suitable for the slitting of narrow strips.Slitting machine is a large volume of paper, film, non-woven, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into different widths of small volumes of pre-press, post-press equipment, commonly used in paper machinery and printing and packaging machinery slitting machine from a single motor control to double motor.

Now, some advanced slitting machine has begun to use the motor to control the unwinding rolls tension.

Sheeter machine, paper roll to sheets cutting machine belongs to the paper cutting equipment. Cross-cutting machine is suitable for various types of paper longitudinal, horizontal slitting. Such as gold and silver cardboard, plain rainbow paper, laser laser security paper, white board paper and all kinds of thin paper, such as hamburger paper, sandwich wrapping paper, baking paper, wax oil paper, etc. In the food packaging paper, paper boxes and other packaging and printing products industry has a wide range of applications.
We all need to know the difference between slitting machine and cross-cutting machine when we operate and use the slitting machine, the correct way to operate and use the slitting machine is what we need.

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